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Rich Hunter
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A writer of life's good times
A writer of life's good times

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So let’s see, there has been so much happening since I last wrote I
don’t even know where to begin. I’ll start with the obvious. Monkey and I are happy,
very happy in fact. We are always marveling at how we never argue. Of course
just saying that ...

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Never Again Until The Next Time
Monkey and I play this silly card game called Crazy Eights. I've mentioned it once before in another post and I probably talked about how she just can't seem to lose. Well I've had enough. Oh sure, I may win one out of every four or five games, I really don...

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Ohhh, So Close
Let's cut right to the chase. Monkey told you all in her last post that she was thinking about one-upping me on the fake marriage proposal that I so expertly pulled off a few months ago. Well, she tried anyway. You see my birthday was a week ago and coming ...

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Diamonds and Pearls
Monkey here: So it’s been a while since I posted on here to naturally disagree with my pretzel. But what can I say other then he’s a really smart man who for some reason constantly tends to overdramatize and magnify his side of the story. For example, YES I...

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Turning the page
Way too long since my last post but things have been very busy in the Pretzel and Monkey household. So let's see, Grandma Monkey and Mama Monkey have hit the air and gone back to the old country leaving us to a house of peace and quiet. A nice change but we...

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The Normal Life
Wow time flies. Two weeks since my last post and much longer since Monkey has graced us with her particular style. It's easy to fall into complacency and hold off posting a blog until there is some event of significance in our crazy life. Well, I'm glad to ...

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Monkey Jitters
Monkey worked all day on Valentines Day so I was left just hanging and waiting for the evening to come. We had great plans, dinner at one of the most romantic and delicious restaurants in the area followed by a trip to the sack for a gift swap and some aggr...

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I Must Be Bananas
The week has been interesting and fun to say the least. Little monkey has been home from school all but one day this week with strep throat and school closings combining to create a bonanza of daytime TV for me. Another episode of Momma and Poppa Pig will p...

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Pink Skies at Night
Life here in the Monkey house has changed  since Monkey's brother passed away. It's become a cross between a mourning period, a desire to just be normal, and a degree of muting the reality in order to soften the blow to Little Monkey. It won't be the same f...

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Black Clouds
Life is sweet, or so it can be anyway. Life can also be harsh, very harsh in fact. I haven't posted in awhile. We've had a tragedy in our life and for those of you that read this, I'm sorry but I'm going to use this post as a chance to release a little emot...
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