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Karissa Smith
I'm not always crazy, but then sometimes I am.
I'm not always crazy, but then sometimes I am.

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Facebook Page for Crafting Projects
I have a new Facebook Page for all your crafting needs!

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Cherish the Years You Have With Your Kids
I made this in Photoshop when my older daughter was 1, and I was pregnant with the second daughter. It just struck me looking back on the days I'd had with her - they whizzed by, even when I felt like I "cherished every moment". Don't ever feel like you did...

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Curvy Petite Fashion Struggles
Being 5'4" makes me right between "petite" and "misses" sizing, but I
tend to like the style of the "juniors" section better. So my style
often is a mix of all three. And since I'm a size 12 roughly, I'm right inbetween regular and plus sizing. Plus doesn...

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Can I just live in Happy Humans Town from the movie Home? Sidewalks instead of roads, everyone in tiny eco-friendly houses, spending most of their time outside together with their neighbors... Although they need some more trees like... stat... or everyone's...

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7 Things I learned in my First Year of Marriage
   We got married at age 21 in January 2009 (so 5.5yrs ago at the time that I wrote this). We are officially smack dab in the middle of the first divorce hump (3-7 years), and still going strong.  We were such babies! Here are a few helpful pointers I learn...

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Little Girl Toddler Heart Cutout A-Line Bow Shoulder Dress
Little Girl Toddler Heart Cutout A-Line Bow Shoulder Dress TUTORIAL/pictorial  follow the jump to read all about it!   I found this photo on Pinterest while searching for a dress for my daughter to wear as the flower girl at my sister's wedding in a couple ...

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New House - New Projects!
We have set out on a new endeavor: living with roommates in a big house. Our roomies are another married couple around our age, with two little girls same ages as ours. We'll be splitting rent and household duties. The whole "it takes a village" idea. I thi...

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Nerd Christmas Gifts - Logo Etched Beer Steins
My husband and his friends are geeks. Comic books and Doctor Who are their favorites. So for Christmas, I'm making them some personalized beer steins with their favorite symbol of geekdom. I'll be posting a pictorial (picture tutorial) of how I made the Bat...

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Obesity - the 70s and 80s were the perfect storm
I recently started the ketogenic diet (also known as the caveman diet), so a lot of my mental energy is being used researching fat loss and low carb options. *If you don't know - keto is a diet plan (lifestyle change) that involves only ~25g carbs per day. ...

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