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After a little break for Easter we are back for our 162th book. The last one we read, Super Spook #4, was rather a disappointment to me and generally not very well received by the group. BUT I think Narfstar offering a public apology for bringing it to the site was going a little bit too far! Especially with all the scans he has contributed :)

I was at a bit of a loss for this week's one ... but (with not much mental effort) I thought of Easter. I did a search. I found Easter With Mother Goose. I saw it was by Walt Kelly. So it will now become Week 162 reading book history!

Four Color #220 - Easter With Mother Goose can be found here As it appears to be cover to cover Walt Kelly, I really don't feel worthy enough to choose a particular section to concentrate on. So it's a free for all!

Happy Post-Easter, Easter reading!

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A few weeks ago I received a message saying that a Jackie Robinson comic

"might be a good one for the first week of April as that is the week the major leagues start their season in the US and Canada."

Although we have already read a baseball comic, it was nearly a year ago so this seems like a good idea to me. I plumped for #2 which was edited by our good friend (and hockey fan) Yoc from the DCM.

The book can be found here

The story we will concentrate on is the first one "Jackie Robinson's First World Series".

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Happy reading!

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I have been locked in mortal combat with my desktop machine and a failing hard drive with 1.5 tb of files on it. I won! The disk is now officially dead, but I got all the data off it and have set up a better backup regime. So if it happens again I won't be out of action for so long.

I am now back to about a week ago and the "romance flood". An awesome big bang finale for the JVJ scanning project (although I am sure there are more books to filter through).

Because of this I thought it appropriate that Kracalactaka who contributed so much to the flood, should pick a book and this is what he said:

"Teen-Age Diary Secrets 4 (A Matt Baker fest) This is the 1st issue of this series to get scanned. Normally I don't favor Photo covers (I feel they are a $$ saving cop out) but this one works, the wholesome looking teen girl with the puppies is in stark contrast to the headline: "Sailors Were My Weakness" in a way that just makes me chuckle every time I look at it. I would best describe this mag as: 'like Polly Pigtails, but sleazier'"

A week later, this still sounds good. Just to repeat it is Teen-Age Diary Secrets 4 which can be found here and the story we are concentrating on is all about sailors!

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Happy New Year Reading Group!

We rounded off 2016 with our 150th book. This was appropriately Captain Marvel #150, and received a fairly enthusiastic thumbs up (especially from me!).

But it is now onwards and upwards. Looking at my suggestions list, I spotted this week's issue ... with the words "great cover". And it surely has that!!

So, we are starting the year off in in horrific style with Fiction House's Monster #1, which can be found here. and the story we will concentrate on is rather predictably "The Monster"!

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Well our last book a romance, My Love Secret (YUCK), did not do too badly with the group as a whole. It also sparked up a discussion about the name "Boots" which in my opinion was way more interesting than the book.
I have had a few reading suggestions come through the grapevine, one of which was for Nesbit Publishing's Superior Stories #1:
"An adaptation of The Invisible Man? Why not?"
Why not indeed! it suddenly reminded me of the Invisible Man film starring Rod Taylor, which used to be put on TV during Christmas or Easter when I was a kid. So I think (in my mind anyway) it is a great choice for this time of year.
The book can be found here And it is a cover to cover mission!
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After a short planned break over Thanksgiving, plus an unscheduled delay due to me having a sieve where a head should be, we are back with our next choice!

This is #147 so very soon we'll hit our 150th book! I want it to be a special one, so any ideas please message me. BTW I have had a few reading book suggestions come through ... which is great, but MORE please!!!

We are WELL overdue for a romance book and it has been nagging away at me. Then I saw this comment come through on the forum

"I came into this with quite low expectations. But these stories are pretty good. Romance! Crime! Action!"

I had a quick flick and see this was pulled from a compendium by rangerhouse & movielover. The book is "My Love Secret #24" And the story we will concentrate on is NOT the first one, but "My Love Was for Sale" which starts on our page 11. It looks distinctly strange!

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Post has attachment So it's been going on for a little bit of time now .. and judging by the picture all the Afghans really want to do is play a game of darts with knives and also indulge in bit of recreational snake charming.
O I alomost forgot, cover date is July 25, 1936. So 80 and a bit years ago

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Last week's book (True Animal Picture Stories #1) had some apparently crazy stories which it appears may in fact actually be true. However, I am pretty sure the same could not be said for this week's choice.

Below is a reading book suggestion I received (PLEASE PLEASE SEND MORE the list is almost empty!)

"I have a suggestion which I think will go down well with the crowd. It is the first Spotlight Comics, a rather interesting book and a great Black Dwarf story"

That sounds good to me, so here is Spotlight Comics #1 And we will of course concentrate on the Black Dwarf story which is the first one.

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In my opinion the funniest things about last week's book were the comments left by reading group members

"The Loony Family - Shame it wasn't the Funny Family."

"Can't help thinking how much funnier this would have been if the jokes made you laugh."

"I had no idea that wartime Britain had to ration humor too. At least, that's the best explanation I can think of for this book."

Now for this week's book, I thought it was about time we had an animal book, but I really didn't fancy another cowboy horse comic. But then I saw this. I am not sure what it is going to be like. But a Yoc scan from a JVJ book, means I am hoping for great things. Fingers crossed!

True Animal Picture Stories #1 can be found here: As there appears quite a range of stories pick what you fancy!

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So last week's book Our Place in Space was a confirmed hit. I do however agree with Crashryan that it is sad that the commercial aspect (military dollars) have actually directed a lot of the research and effort over the years.

As for this week's book ... I thought we ought to go for a non U.S. book and something out of our comfort zone. So I plucked out this book. All Fun Comic v3 #4 was printed in England around 1940 and looks like 16 pages of strips, with I guess quite a few war time references.

The book can be found here: It looks very light so we'll make this a cover to cover. To be honest I am not expecting comic book gold (or even bronze) on this one ... but we'll see!

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