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Sorry! We've been a little light in the participation department over here on G+.

Thus far, many of the same stories we post here don't get the same level of interaction as they do on Twitter and Facebook.

At the same time, people continue to add us to their circles. So, we're asking you: what are you looking for? What kinds of content would you like to see us share here? Are you more interested in conversations?

We'd love to hear your feedback. Google Plus can be a pretty cool tool; we just want to make sure we use it to deliver what you want.
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I'm fine with the same info as on Facebook and Twitter. I personally like that you guys use several different media formats and don't force a single product on us.
Thanks, Egon. We'll definitely share some of the same things across all channels; our goal is not being different for the sake of being different. But we want to make sure we're providing what our G+ audience wants. -NB
I wouldn't mind seeing the same content as Facebook and Twitter on here. I tend to miss things on Twitter and I haven't been on Facebook in a long, long time. I'm trying to use Google+ more often and this would help. 
Thanks, Kyle. We're in the same boat. Trying to find the right use for this tool.
Perhaps a bi-weekly topic to be discussed in depth online, something on a local or state issue, then a couple of the local commenter could be invited for a brief sit-down at the end of every other week on your program, with an expert on the topic matter to moderate the on-air discussion. It would make your news program more community interactive like the online forums. Just a thought.
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