XM Anomaly Report: #Helios 05 Prague and 06 Detroit. Control of the last completed Additional Cell Checkpoints at the Final Measurements will increase Faction values +5% per Cell. Control of the Volatile Cells increase Faction values +8%.

#Helios 05:
Prague (Primary) http://goo.gl/Olx1pE 
Manchester http://goo.gl/GIHI9z 
Rotterdam http://goo.gl/ixem6f 
AF15-ROMEO-14 (Tel Aviv, Israel) [V]
AF01-DELTA-03 (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
AF14-PAPA-12 (Cairo, Egypt)
AS11-GOLF-09 (Chennai, India)
NR04-ECHO-10 (Moscow, Russia)
NR02-BRAVO-02 (Tbilisi, Georgia)

#Helios 06:
Detroit (Primary) http://goo.gl/STHa9D 
Baltimore http://goo.gl/YFjLY0 
Indianapolis http://goo.gl/bQEgnE 
PA01-SIERRA-08 (Adelaide, Australia) [V]
AM03-HOTEL-04 (Jackson, MS, USA)
AM02-DELTA-04 (Las Vegas, NV, USA)
AM15-PAPA-00 (Montevideo, Uruguay)
NR15-CHARLIE-05 (Sapporo, Japan)
NR10-ROMEO-05 (Winnipeg, Canada)
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