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Attention Agents:

High Priority Intel related to the upcoming #ViaNoir Anomalies on November 12.

This thread will be updated as new information emerges.

Any questions will be addressed on this thread by +Visur Technology or +Ingress only.

Anomaly Zone Maps:

Cluster Maps:

Anomaly Intel Briefings:

Special Field Operations Intel:

Anomaly Site: Seoul
Field Op Region: Monbetsu, Japan
Timezone: JST UTC+9

Anomaly Site: Melbourne
Field Op Region: Suva, Fiji
Timezone: FJST UTC+13

Anomaly Site: Surabaya
Field Op Region: Invercargill, New Zealand
Timezone: NZDT UTC+13

Anomaly Site: Rome
Field Op Region: Surigao City, Philippines
Timezone: PHT UTC+8

Anomaly Site: Sofia
Field Op Region: Bender, Moldova
Timezone: EET UTC+2

Anomaly Site: Vilnius
Field Op Region: Manama, Bahrain
Timezone: AST UTC+3

Anomaly Site: New Orleans
Field Op Region: Natal, Brazil
Timezone: BRT UTC-3

Anomaly Site: Chicago
Field Op Region: Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Timezone: GMT UTC+0

Anomaly Site: Miami
Field Op Region: Nairobi, Kenya
Timezone: EAT UTC+3

Hashed Anomaly Intel:

Anomaly Intel:

Per Portal Scoring Data:
Via Noir: Anomaly Intel II
Via Noir: Anomaly Intel II
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Yesterday, an unknown group was able to breach some Visur systems and insert unauthorized content into our Anomaly Projection Reports.

Visur prides itself in maintaining a world class security infrastructure, and while the investigation remains ongoing, it is clear that this group exercised highly sophisticated mechanisms to perform this breach -- mechanisms that have not been seen before. We have not yet identified the culprit.

We have been unable to confirm the veracity of the information injected into the Anomaly Impact Projections, as such we are not reissuing the original version of our documents -- it is possible that the information presented in the modifications may have intelligence value to Agents.

Visur will extend monitoring activities surrounding the upcoming Anomalies in order to maintain situational awareness of possible 'unexpected' changes to the Anomaly flow and structure -- any discovered information will be included in our hashed data.

As of now, we have restored control of this Google+ page and will continue to advise Agents as necessary regarding the upcoming #ViaLux Anomalies.

#ViaLux Special Field Operation Intel:

Anomaly Site: Setouchi, Japan
Field Op Region: Gisborne, New Zealand
Timezone: NZST UTC+12

Anomaly Site: Singapore, Singapore
Field Op Region: Cairns, Australia
Timezone: AEST UTC+10

Anomaly Site: Macau, China
Field Op Region: Magadan, Russia
Timezone: MAGT UTC+11

Anomaly Site: Mumbai, India
Field Op Region: Noumea, New Caledonia
Timezone: NCT UTC+11

Anomaly Site: Cologne, Germany
Field Op Region: Pokhara, Nepal
Timezone: NPT UTC+5.75

Anomaly Site: Budapest, Hungary
Field Op Region: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Timezone: ULAT UTC+8

Anomaly Site: Granada, Spain
Field Op Region: Islamabad, Pakistan
Timezone: PST UTC+5

Anomaly Site: Toronto, Canada
Field Op Region: Accra, Ghana
Timezone: GMT UTC+0

Anomaly Site: Santiago, Chile
Field Op Region: Clonmel, Ireland
Timezone: IST UTC+1

Anomaly Site: St. Louis, MO
Field Op Region: Jēkabpils, Latvia
Timezone: EEST UTC+3

Hashed Anomaly Intel:


Measurement 1 SHA256: 134f62a5b7f8c7ab5a2b25e17f8a17fe7ea1c0fb823aafb3cc23e7b9eabed64e
Measurement 2 SHA256: 090d5946581b4c28a3ea9360e24cdccbff63a5a9404d75def0c37078d0fce59c
Measurement 3 SHA256: 4fa31a105ae3b6623cb81d84049dd6fc1ab0ccc1f789d25cf4a5af715b0731e1
Measurement 4 SHA256: aed41b4310219d01c5fc47f955903cb0a7d35696000f6327bd18b0cccaa6054b

Measurement 1 SHA256: 1c2ea228c896b92f9a770303ebd30504323654cfbcb16fde2ed69ec9e2f60c27
Measurement 2 SHA256: 8e0594a73e79642791a96397931db3ce9c24dde1a61fb4832a89808306630c23
Measurement 3 SHA256: 10270bdca16ce67f4461e88bfcc7015200f5f030310a719736e01e7a15b3d5c7
Measurement 4 SHA256: 9212ebdd7e6017e80b23e7f0d28f9878179894aeec00a445d6ca5ca16f538d69

Measurement 1 SHA256: 266a9b64634be26b0947beeccec73ac0747670e5a01f318a7f6123ff09508a38
Measurement 2 SHA256: 404f101f69f9efb435d8540f082eebdd25e15bdfb809f3c2e55e6532302979f1
Measurement 3 SHA256: 571a0b60c2af4430fe117e56cd3cc4032d8c3bd36f23cc40355ff6768cdb047a
Measurement 4 SHA256: 7418c7c6e08d878cb8cb0cdff4845ba9272fcc675f05288f7662b2a040d97ef5

Measurement 1 SHA256: a4feaf92a7b7e0af195cac668b4923025f3a28196cee3e381435b1d8ed94f665
Measurement 2 SHA256: 095f72b9766b3bb9318f1f7a7e1c0bab811bb3217554016bfdf96455648658ef
Measurement 3 SHA256: 348bf3d0c13a88dee3ed1a7e18632571c29d01c4a395c9861065b0ff135daf88
Measurement 4 SHA256: bef867e089076ccb2f855f4aeea81875d5a4a9c72484a0f03737656b0ab6b24b


Measurement 1 SHA256: a87062278a86eeb684a15b7c2750e9d128586df579e7653ba281673ab63a8a9f
Measurement 2 SHA256: 5ec8862fa60876b51b55f3a2d8bbde71634c446efa8e4ff342857d9068844a2b
Measurement 3 SHA256: 638f5a3ad4b0c50215b05c16c84ff30f9e015e01ff8081b24848bff2a3a7d717
Measurement 4 SHA256: 3322f7dccd44b125859362dc692e5981c1b93bea87c08f538edc04bee07418b1


Measurement 1 SHA256: 6f7a2966202f4bbc2420aff244275411c418407ac0905191155748087375e698
Measurement 2 SHA256: 075edf4bf526c0fbc26106d36343e2d6cf414336c3889ca47fa57888e873d01f
Measurement 3 SHA256: ede4fa30cdbb822883a7f2554a0d52cf0363dbe23c2b51ffe655d70d16ab949c
Measurement 4 SHA256: 918dddfa575d3ede31ea16a7667ca41c0f71f51b0e6265da67251618c5da45ff


Measurement 1 SHA256: 37cde94169c4261ba6549f9c7f657ac5524b0b96b182e0602a52c31a2da7f0e2
Measurement 2 SHA256: 4cf3722fd7a5b810dfee0189c62841d69ec222ad4bbbc703e33c9024f1ff4fba
Measurement 3 SHA256: fe6d9dfb5aa449545cee1ca72d617772863604feb878f1b4e88a28bc87ebe164
Measurement 4 SHA256: 779d48ab047dca2608d3db81b65f4b33aceff299d6526c99295fcde5216e2532

St. Louis

Measurement 1 SHA256: 219a66904098ffb8850f39ca60b85042562d8f858f33dcde98db89de636fb3ff
Measurement 2 SHA256: 9ea779f73e3c0ff7b5d1e49af93054056f537375b82800b968fb3b55165fd4ab
Measurement 3 SHA256: f2b2b049e9a2017539a3d12828bee118719bea6156f9fabb9cdc347eba729f48
Measurement 4 SHA256: d76045232a5657c05b3a622e0aca239b2219ae7df15093b39372ac97b59762cc


Measurement 1 SHA256: c63da985b4776a1c2a6ab905af35df2c994366db79740443b94dae0c0dc691dc
Measurement 2 SHA256: 6b5fa88aa33439378ee5ffc68aa7e32d5c675b52a7bc086c1a769f5cac2db668
Measurement 3 SHA256: d8aa489fd46f8fba37f3d6af5341d42a9d72de26c5945b3527737484be543142
Measurement 4 SHA256: 13ddd871d6f275445c608224be2518848a0ea1096943562f5819d667ffcbc1e3


Measurement 1 SHA256: 123a8746e3e848771b08887770e5f700cae02f6fd612df5a813832afbbccccf2
Measurement 2 SHA256: f3a8286df464e116d0ac2d0c3b65bce187cfbc3f75ed9fe582a50c39a4f94a1a
Measurement 3 SHA256: 9119130a5afa732c1f3318bf1c8bbec1740dc8527ec6a3242bbe096f1baf5d0e
Measurement 4 SHA256: c2d33d6fc216fde612a923ebe9cf5fb95722e4e5472289037c9cc073135d94a3

Hashed Intel Codex:

Per Portal Ownership Data:

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Attention Agents:

High Priority Intel related to the upcoming #ViaLux Anomalies on September 24.

Any questions related to these Anomaly Zone images will be addressed on this thread by +Visur Technology or +Ingress only.

Cluster Intel:
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Attention Agents:

High Priority Intel related to the upcoming #ViaLux Anomalies on August 27.

Any questions will be addressed on this thread by +Visur Technology or +Ingress only.

Anomaly Zone Maps:

Cluster Maps:

#ViaLux Special Field Operation Intel:

Anomaly Site: Wroclaw
Field Op Region: Jakarta, Indonesia
Timezone: WIB UTC+7

Anomaly Site: Birmingham
Field Op Region: Busan, Korea
Timezone: KST UTC+9

Anomaly Site: Turku
Field Op Region: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Timezone: UZT UTC+5

Anomaly Site: Denver
Field Op Region: La Paz, Bolivia
Timezone: BOT UTC-4

Anomaly Site: Portland
Field Op Region: Reykjavik, Iceland
Timezone: GMT UTC+0

Anomaly Site: San Jose
Field Op Region: Caracas, Venezuela
Timezone: VET UTC-4

Hashed Anomaly Intel:

Hashed Anomaly Intel Reference Key:

Per Portal Scoring Data:
#ViaLux Anomaly Intel – Packet 2
#ViaLux Anomaly Intel – Packet 2
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XM Anomaly Report: #Persepolis 03 Tohoku; 04 Utrecht; 05 Portland.

June 20, 2015

Tohoku, Japan [P] --
Jakarta, Indonesia [s] --
Perth, Australia [s] --

Utrecht, The Netherlands [P] --
Helsinki, Finland [s] --
Liverpool, UK [s] --
Poznan, Poland [s] --

Portland, OR, USA [P] --
Ft. Collins, CO, USA [s] --
Milwaukee, WI, USA [s] --
Nashville, TN, USA [s] --

6 Photos - View album
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XM Anomaly Report: #Persepolis 01 Bratislava and 02 Washington DC.

#Persepolis  Anomaly Series

May 30, 2015

Bratislava, Slovakia [P] --
Bari, Italy [s] --
Covilhã, Portugal [s] --
Thessaloniki, Greece [s] --

Washington, DC, USA [P] --
Buenos Aires, Argentina [s] --
Phoenix, AZ, USA [s] --
Toronto, Canada [s] --

June 20, 2015

Tohoku, Japan [P] --
Jakarta, Indonesia [s] --
Perth, Australia [s] --

Utrecht, The Netherlands [P] --
Helsinki, Finland [s] --
Liverpool, UK [s] --
Poznan, Poland [s] --

Portland, OR, USA [P] --
Ft. Collins, CO, USA [s] --
Milwaukee, WI, USA [s] --
Nashville, TN, USA [s] --
5 Photos - View album
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Agent Alert:

We have determined that the following Cells may be connected to the #Persepolis  Anomalies taking place on May 30, 2015.

Our Analysts predict that control of these Cells may influence the Anomalies in a manner similar to what was previously experienced during #Shonin .

#Persepolis  01

AF14-SIERRA-09 (Ankara, Turkey)
AF15-ROMEO-01 (Jerusalem, Israel)
NR02-DELTA-05 (Iași, Romania)
NR02-GOLF-15 (Cologne, Germany)
NR01-GOLF-06 (Geneva, Switzerland)
NR03-GOLF-04 (Klitmøller, Denmark)
NR01-FOXTROT-11 (Salzburg, Austria)
AF08-SIERRA-12 (Zaragoza, Spain)
NR02-JULIET-03 (Dublin, Ireland)
AF13-DELTA-13 (Gaborone, Botswana)

#Persepolis  02
AF01-HOTEL-11 (San Luis, Brazil)
AM04-KILO-12 (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)
AM03-JULIET-13 (Mobile, AL, USA)
AM02-KILO-12 (Greenville, SC, USA)
AM01-KILO-12 (Columbus, OH, USA)
AM02-HOTEL-14 (Columbia, MO, USA)
AM03-JULIET-03 (Tuscaloosa, AL, USA)
AM03-GOLF-07 (Dallas, TX, USA)
AM01-GOLF-12 (Hastings, NE, USA)
AM02-HOTEL-09 (Little Rock, AR, USA)
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+Visur Technology has uncovered a change to the Ingress Scanner that rewards Agents with 50 AP for each successful Glyph hack, with additional AP for Speed Bonus and perfect Glyph hacks. It appears that a high-powered Washington D.C. political operator leveraged technical expertise from +IQTech Research in order to bring about these changes, although their motive is currently unclear.

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