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In online business it is important to be very cost conscious and accurate in everything, right from advertising with photo, video to final delivery of the products.

Mistakes will cost money to you - not the customer. This means cut in your profit or even incur a loss on an order.

If wrong product is shipped, the customer will return back to you and charge you for delivery cost. Then you will send the right replacement, again at your cost. 

I am currently helping small and start up online businesses of self employed individuals. The above is what I have recently observed, and wish to share my ideas with others, that 
(a) Be cost conscious as much as profit targeted
(b) Be accurate, honest and factual
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UK Government's tax avoidance campaigns have significantly reduced shortfall in taxes due as at March 2015
My walking tour of Victorian Leicester in Spring of 2nd May, 2014. 

I live on Greenlane Road and walked around from Greenlane Road to East Park. On this route are some of the buildings with old Victorian character and they are used as business premises. This is an area of Leicester's industries since Victorian times. 
Debates about Tax Avoidance.  There is huge tax gap in the United Kingdom's economy, it was about £ 32 billion in 2010/11, of which £5 billion was due to avoidance ( Source: HMRC).

Efforts are being made for greater tax transparency and to involve every business manager in tax avoidance debate.

UK was very attractive for large businesses to avoid tax by planning to invest in offshore islands and other attractive zones. In 2011/2012 UK was rated by about 70% of investors as the most attractive tax regime. ( Source: KPMG).   

UK Businesses have paid more tax than businesses in US, France and Germany, as seen from corporation tax as percentage of total taxes in recent years.
UK           -    10%
USA        -       7.1 %
France   -       6.7 %
Germany -     5.1 %
( Source: OECD)

KPMG says it has been helping business managers to formulate principles for tax transparency so there can be best practice in tax planning.   See the report published online on:
Data Analytic - how to use it to detect fraud. This subject will feature in the World's largest Anti-Fraud event in San Antonio, Texas 15 June 2014.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners offers professional courses and resources. The Anti-Fraud Resources guide of Spring 2014 lists the following:

*  Principles of Fraud Examination.  15 -18 December, 2014. Suitable for business professionals, educators and students and anti-fraud professionals.

*  Bribery and Corruption.  25 - 26 August, 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Helpful for legal professionals, detectives and private investigators, forensic and management accountants, auditors, business professionals, educators and students

*  Financial Statement Fraud.  18- 19 August 2014 in London, UK . Helpful for legal executives, controllers and corporate managers, forensic and management accountants, financial analysts, auditors, loss prevention and security professionals, business professionals, educators and students.

*  Fraud Risk Management.  20 - 21 August, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Suitable for bank and financial institution auditors,  controllers and corporate managers, forensic and management accountants, governance, risk management and compliance officers, auditors, anti-fraud professionals.

* Inside the Fraudster's Mind.  Self Study CPE course available on PDF or DVD workbook. It will guide to understanding the thoughts and feelings of a fraudster and how to succeed in an interview. 

( reference: Anti - Fraud resource guide by Association of Certified Fraud Examiners  )

I have been interested to look at the best practices and standards discussed by the members of The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. 

I think that expenses frauds can also be thefts as we see in British MPs expenses scandal for some years and amounting to millions of pounds. The Prime Minister had claimed about £ 1000 rent for his constituency office and this may be a fraud. Where MPs have forged expenses when in fact they paid for paying off personal mortgage, buying cars and personal expenses may be thefts.  In a recent case the MP who is found guilty had apologised and paid back some of the false claims and that's it. She has not been prosecuted for theft.

Ministers are attacking the standards committee for plans to curb their expenses claims for food, hotel bills and taxi.  

I wonder if there are courses that can help us with understanding the thoughts and feelings of fraudsters in leadership positions.
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I have participated in On Air Hangout with Vint Cerf on 11th April, 2014.  My question : Is it possible to divide internet instead of using a great one world wide web ? 
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Discovery of major tax evasion in Ukraine, this was done by means of phony and phantom international companies and fake transactions. 
Improving the house for running my businesses from home. Outside view of my house garden and Spinney Hill Park in the spring of May 2014.

Campaign to improve the Spinney Hill Park :  It does not have even a single plant of flowers which were traditionally found here, there were so many roses of all colours and a wide variety of other beautiful flowers. The reason may be that the local government does not wish to budget to meet the expenses for community and culture.
Solution: Volunteers from neighbouring community can put in some time over the weekends to lay out gardens and plant flowers on the sides of the walking paths and rainwater stream. Visitors may bring in water from home to drink and to feed the plants. To start the campaign, artist may design and put up notice boards inviting for help from the volunteers, visitors, walkers and athletes.

Mansoor Ismail, Leicester, United Kingdom.
Walking tour of Spinney Hill Park in Leicester, United Kingdom in Spring of May 2014.  

The building of Imperial Typewriters can be seen on the route. There are many Victorian buildings in this area which are rented to small and new start up businesses engaged in manufacturing, engineering, import and export, wholesale and distribution. ?

Mansoor Ismail, Leicester, United Kingdom.
In- depth analysis by Professional Manager, magazine of  The Chartered Management Institute.  

The article " Is your boss a psycho ? " by Rebecca Burn- Callander, issue of summer 2013, reveals the following factors that concern personality disorders which hundreds of thousands of people encounter at modern workplace in the United Kingdom. 

*  What is a Psycho ?   Psychopaths aren't necessarily killers or criminals. They can even be overachievers with high flying careers.

*  Leaders can be psychopaths, they are likely to go undetected in the workplace.

*  Organisations will often reward psychopathic characteristics of being ruthless, results-driven, using charisma to get the most out of staff and colleagues.  

*  Those who are ruthless and resilient to others' opinions are more likely to climb to the top. 

*  The next big thing on psychopathy spectrum, says Jackson, is something known as Histrionic Disorder. This is a personality always in crisis  like  a phone call missed.

*  Histrionics are attention - seeking and like to talk about their problems. Its brought about by societal change.

*  How can you tell the difference between a driven leader and a genuine psychopath ?  (a) Look for those that consistently take credit for others' ideas, says Dr. Cheryl  Travers, Chartered Psychologist and lecturer at Loughborough University  (b) those who are incredibly charming to one's face, then stab you in the back with no apparent remorse   (c) they may tell lies to serve their purpose, and can be very manipulative (d) they tend to set impossible deadlines and make employees to feel they can never work hard or efficiently enough

*  Psychopaths come in many guises, says professor Craig Jackson, senior lecturer in occupational health psychology at Birmingham City University, and an expert on deviance and psychopathology in the workplace. Some will never even be encountered at workplace, like schizoid disorder. 

*  Real ones to worry about are the narcissistic and borderline personality disorders.

*  Narcissism isn't a bad thing - it is healthy to take some pride in your appearance and its normal to enjoy praise. Narcissist personality disorder is characterized by a strong need for admiration alongside a lack of empathy for others. 

*  Watch out for leaders who are unable to plan long term. BDP - borderline personality disorder - is characterized by impulsive behavior, variable moods and intensity.  Those with BPD can display poor impulse control, says Dr. Travers.

* If you think there might be a psychopath in your organisation, don't jump the ship yet.  Having a boss with personality disorder is not always bad for you as a worker, says Jackson. 

* Working with a psychopath can be a life-swallowing pursuit.  Personality disorders come and go  depending on social rules and norms, explains Jackson. 

*  Personality disorders also manifest as bullying behavior or harassment but many organisations choose to turn a blind eye. 

*  If you work for a psychopath, you don't have to keep silent. It is only by speaking out that problem characters can be removed from organisations.

*  Definition of psychopath has evolved over time.  Since 10 years ago ( 2004), this so called disorder was phased out of medical parlance. 

*  There are many factors that contribute to creating a psychopath. It is almost impossible to un-psycho a manager, there are organisational and societal changes that could prevent these individuals from thriving. 

*  How to Out-Psych a Psycho. Psychopathy is not genetic - it is developmental. But once habits are formed, they are almost impossible to break. there are no known cures for personality disorders, no pills that can be popped.  So, how can you best handle a psycho Manager ? 
  -  BE GOOD. If you are an expert at what you do, it makes it hard for you to be criticized, says Dr. Cheryl Travers, Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer at Loughborough University. " Do your homework and prepare for every interaction if you can ". 
  -  FIND PEACE. Make sure you have someone to vent outside of work and find ways of getting a break on days when they've affected you particularly badly, says Travers. " A good brisk walk often helps". 
  -  AVOID ATTACKS. Never tell a psychopath they are wrong, either in private or in person, warns a management consultant who does not wish to be named. " They will punish you. Never trust them".
  -  TAP IN. try to find out as soon as you can what motivates them, be it money, beauty, status, power or knowledge, says anonymous management consultant. " Make sure every interaction you have with them taps into these values and motivators".
  -  PAY ATTENTION. Learn the games these people play so you can predict their next move, Travers adds. " Become your own amateur work psychologist ". 
  ( Professional Manager Magazine, Summer 2013 issue, page 57. )

For a manager, the job of career management and development is an ability to manage one's own career and the careers of others and work colleagues. There are many different ways how this is done. Some of the ways are human resources management and training, career development training, continued professional development, emotional intelligence competencies tests, career management consultancy. 

In the world of careers, being named as a Psycho would be ill reputation and destroy the value and credibility of an employee. What kind of work and professional reference would an employer give for a Psycho who may have left his employment voluntarily or was dismissed ? 

Looking at someone who is out of work, undergoing treatment and rehabilitation and needs to get back to work and pursue a career. First steps would be to analyse and take stock of his skills and abilities, evaluate his career goals and prepare a CV. 

How would you prepare a more accurate and honest CV of a Psycho ? There would be double standards and also a double life of the person.

Covering up the condition of Psycho on a CV.  Would time spent in undergoing interviews and treatment may be described as (a) Had an accident and was hospitalized or (b) Had a heart attack and was off from work or ( d) was under going a study course and training ?  

How would problems encountered at work or business performance may be covered with explanations.  Also, we need to be clear whether the employers would be looking for information or explanations on a CV.  At interview Questions and Answers session, both information and explanations may be exchanged. 
As a mock exercise let us emulate a CV of Norman Bates, the Psycho character in Alfred Hitchcock's movie. Norman Bates has double life or double standards, one is that of an honest employee at the motel and the other a devious psycho.  I am sure that the author and screen script writer must have prepared a CV and detailed profile of the character.  

Link to the CV of Norman Bates that I have created to make a start in simulation:

How does this CV compare with that of a manager who can easily pass the recruitment selection process ?  Please share your comments and suggestions of a better or worse CV.
I have gained experience of sea travel on Indian Ocean in passenger ships SS Kampala and SS Karanja in 1960 to 1970 and have good memory of it. They were both cargo and passenger ships and provided sea transport from southern Africa to India.

In those days Ships were cheaper methods of transport than even road travel on cars and buses. It was also difficult to get road transport as many countries didn't have roads suitable for car traffic. 

Nowadays cruise ships are for holiday making and they are very comfortable, luxuries, artistic and entertaining. I would enjoy a long holiday in a luxury liner and also spend a year  or two working in it. 
As an auditor and accountant I have been always been  interested research work. My job involves suggesting improvements to systems of internal controls, financial presentations and reporting, management and business performance.

I have really liked the Open Office suite of productive software and am currently using it's Calc spreadsheets for audit and accounting work. It's very well done in the Open Source platform and is continually being improved with contributions from thousands of users. Its compatible with MS Office and other popular software and is created in Open Document Format. It can be used for most office and productive work, including spreadsheets, word processor, webpage and more.

I support the idea that in future ODF ( Open Document Format) should become international standard. I would like to suggest that ODF may become shared document online across all platforms, and should streamline the application suite and make it more economical for users, both in terms of cost and productive time. 
Cutting straight to the heart of the research system, this hangout will discuss why research ideas and proposals are amongst its best-kept secrets, and what can be done to change that. Our guest for this event will be @114065345396177138533, a biophysicist who is currently drafting a public research proposal for making research proposals open, which everyone is invited to review and comment upon, or even to contribute to: https://www.newschalleng...
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I am Mansoor Ismail, a freelance Accountant, operating as City Accounting Services. My firm has been registered with London Chamber of Commerce since 1984 for providing management accounting and taxation services to clients internationally.

My typical jobs are taking responsibilities for:

  • Accounting and business consultancy for small firms
  • Forming limited companies and umbrella company services for contractors and freelancers
  • Financial administration and management of new business development with a variety of clients including construction and developments, IT and software marketing, start-up and SMEs
  • Fund accounting and administration, investor relations, marketing and selling financial products
  • Using latest version of Sage Line 50 and Sage 100 accounting and payroll applications
  • Using bespoke integrated IT systems of financial and management accounting, CRM and projects management and accounting
  • Web-based and online accounting, using remote access and cloud systems

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