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Take a look at one cool painting

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The Book
Its pages are filled with enlightenment and yet some shun
it. Why? Because it is not always easy to understand, nor does it fit into your
day unless it is a priority. Within we can find peace and joy, yet often it is left on
the shelf. Bound with daily nutr...

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Word's of Wisdom from Pixar
Last week BYU had a forum where Edwin Catmull, President of
Pixar Animation, came and spoke to us. I look back and laugh because the events
that happened following that forum had me looking at life thinking there’s no
way I can accomplish my dreams. In his ...

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What is Eternity?
Life is a song Often sung low and sweet Like grapes glistening in the sun As they hang off chain links. In the pouring rain Life continues to sing, Like the steady drumming Of impatient fingers. But what of eternity? Surely it's still sweet. Surely it still...

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I'm back at BYU

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First Week in the Real World
Sometimes I wonder if I am cut out for this world. This
academic world of going to class, studying three hours for every one hour of
class, having to work, exercise, oh and eat somewhere in between. Friday I really questioned whether or not I could do this

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Newest Blog Post!

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The Light
I stood at the bottom of the mountain catching my breath.
The race was on and I could hear the churning of gravel close behind me as
others fought to catch up. Taking a deep gulp of cold mountain air I began my sprint up
the crumbling incline just as darkne...

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I Step Outside...
I step outside and my breath billows    up and out in short spurts. Little does it know that inside my soul   up and down flit the emotions   of my heart. A strange invasion curls its long fingers   around and gives a slight squeeze. "You are alive, but lif...
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