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Karlo Marek (Investnote)
Albanach ó bhreith, Briotanach de réir dlí, Hileantóir trí ghrásta Dé -- British by law, Scottish by birth, Highlander by the grace of God
Albanach ó bhreith, Briotanach de réir dlí, Hileantóir trí ghrásta Dé -- British by law, Scottish by birth, Highlander by the grace of God

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Hello Friends and Business Partners,

Today I like to introduce Bitcoin! Yes, our programmers have done it, and NoBox is finally able to provide Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals. This is the next step forward in the Extension and Exit Strategy, and there is more to it.

Let's start with the price of Bitcoins. If you use Bitcoin to deposit or withdraw on NoBox, you will receive the live exchange rate of Mt.Gox. 

Deposits are credited as soon the Bitcoin system shows 3 confirmations. Therefore please do not send a ticket when your deposit shows not up in your back office. The transaction will be credited the second 3 confirmations hitting the Bitcoin Wallet. This is normal for any Bitcoin shop or any business using Bitcoins.

The Member to Member Exchange and Trading feature will be the next Extension of the NoBox environment. I expect this feature to be online before the first of May. At the same time, the ROI on future sales of Revenue packs will be lowered to 120% for none Members and 220% for Members. Again, this change is for future sales and does not effect already purchased Packs.

I did a lot of Bitcoin trading these past few weeks, and this business is extremely rewarding. Of course, it not hurt that the Bitcoins are now worth $230, and when I started trading the Bitcoin price was under $50. However, the best part is the Coin price not just jumped up, but moving up and down during the day. So holding might be good, but trading even generates more revenue.

To introduce Bitcoin to the NoBox community, I decided to give a 10% revenue pack purchasing bonus. This 10% are for purchasing any packs using any currency of your choice. However, since the exchange to Bitcoin is impossible or extremely difficult in STP and extremely expensive in Egopay, I limit the deposits on both of these currencies. With Solidtrustpay, you can purchase a maximum of 500 Revenue Packs a day, and with Egopay the Maximum is lowered to 2500 packs per day and member. Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Bitcoin have no limitations on Pack Purchases.

The Bonus will be automatically added to your purchase of packs, just as the last time during the Valentine Special. The Bonus round is added from now, until April 20, 2013.

This bonus round should give us some Bitcoin advantage, and attract Bitcoin users who might never joined any surf or revenue share page in the past. In other words, we open the door to an whole new industry.

Furthermore, once the Members to Members trading features are online Solidtrustpay can not be used for any trades and exchanges. Egopay will be part of the Members to Members exchange mechanism. You can use all currencies in the shopping environment, what will be the next step after the Member to Member Trading engine is installed.

As you can see, NoBox is moving forward. With Bitcoin, we will open doors for Shops, new Advertising partners and of course it gives me an additional way of generating money for the revenue holdback.

Help me to transform NoBox from a revenue share engine to a powerhouse business. In return, I make sure you create wealth for yourself and your family.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. You might be interested reading this article:
Update on NoBox - The Revenue Share Powerhouse
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Hello Friends,

I receive a couple of emails from members who are wondering if we grow to fast. Alexa is getting crazy.. we growing super fast..

Now let me start with a little story. When I started NoBox I received a lot emails from members who were concerned because I did not promote. We will not grow..

I have answered NoBox has a plan, and I won't spend money on monitors, blogs or ads. Members will feel the power of NoBox and start advertising and referring others.

Now just three months later suddenly we grow to fast? It is still the same plan. Not to pay for ads, and healthy member to member referral grow.

As longer NoBox is online, more features will be introduced, the ROI will be lowered on future revenue packs etc. It's what I call the Extension and Exit Strategy. Remember we make money with Ads and soon we will have the Auction and the Shop. A terrific Alexa is helping NoBox to become the powerhouse business it was thought to be.

We are right on track. Remember my plans? From May, we will reduce the ROI on future revenue pack sales. At the same time, we will have the Shop and Exchange facility online. The business will generate money, and the banner auction, new banner locations, the video watch engine and PTC will produce more revenue when we have members and a whopping Alexa Rank.

Bitcoin, where is it? I know! I am asking myself the same question! I was promised a few times the script is ready on a specific day. However, it seems it's more work or harder to do as Shadowscripts anticipated it to be. However, even I am excited about Bitcoin, it need to be safe and accurate. So even I want to push the programmers, I just let them accomplish the Job, and I keep asking them daily (;

However, NoBox presents Bitcoin real soon. Once Bitcoin is online we have one of the key powerhouse income streams.

I am sure the MLM and Online opportunity world will use Bitcoins in the future. It will become the new currency of the industry. A currency what can increase in value. Double gamble if you like. Untraceable, but reliable. The dream of every administrator, investor and nightmare of government institutions. We will be THE exchange hub! NoBox will make withdrawals, exchange and trades as easy as 1,2,3. Being the Powerhouse no one can refuse as the prices will be unbeatable, and it certainly not hurt to be first on the market. With Members who trading themselves. Oh I could go on, but if I do, you would get over excited.

I have traded and just watched the Bitcoin grow. Up to $145, and trading as I write this by $137. Even greater, just a few hours ago I secured some Bitcoins for $130. The movements in both directions with an ultimate up every 48 hours, makes the trading a real blessing, and helps our security holdback to increase. The price is on the way up again, and keep generating us more money.

Talking of additional rewards, the security holdback is prepared to pay a little extra on the upcoming Adjustment Friday rewards.

None Members 2.0%
Members 2.4%

Even we still wait for our own trading engine. I made some neat profits on Bitcoins, and keep increasing our security holdback.

April is phenomenal so far. Bitcoin is growing and earning us extra income streams. Our own Coin system is hopefully ready soon, and our Alexa is growing. What will increase the revenue on ads and the power of our soon to be launched exchange, trading and shopping ecosystem.

This ensures the plan on reducing the ROI on future sales of revenue packs in May, and at the same time selling more ads and having more advertising options. Shop, and Member to Member Exchange and Trading are timed at the same time, ensuring the Extension and Exit Strategy to work.

Be part of NoBox's revenue share, and help me transforming NoBox to become powerhouse it is meant to be.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. NoBox has an Extension and Exit Strategy, from 01.05.2013 future sales of Revenue Packs earn only 220%. Every Revenue Pack purchased before this day, earns 250%. 
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Hello Friends,

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. - Jimmy Dean

I like this quote, as it sums up what we do with Adjustment Friday's. Oh yes, it's Adjustment Day!

Bitcoin is already functioning in our script, but the programmers from Shadowscripts advice me to enable the features after they give me an official green light. Sadly this will be after Eastern. What is ok, as most of you might enjoy the holidays.

We are almost ready, and we will have the coolest Bitcoin system the world has seen. Trust me, no one is waiting for our own Bitcoin functions more as I do.

Coming back to Adjusting The Sails To Reach The Destination. I honestly like this quote!

Even we are still waiting for Bitcoin.. I went ahead with some trading on Bitcoin-24 and had incredible results. Of course, when I started trading the Bitcoin was $46, and I have sold some coins for $93!  

Remember last week I mentioned the increase from $46 to $75. Now just one week later, we see the coins worth $93!

However, I have the feeling we will see some dip, likely over the Easter Holidays, simply fewer traders will be around, and the price went up too fast these last few weeks. I expecting some fall and want to be prepared to do some trading purchases when this happen. Therefore, I made an adjustment call and prepared a little lower Adjustment Return. Using the rest for a possible dip purchase of Coins.

I will Adjust profits, or the money surplus in next weeks Adjustment Day. I know people are always excited when the returns are higher, but I am planing on the long term, not on pleasing with returns on Adjustment day.

None Members 1.5%
Members 1.8%

We would have a higher return this week, but I am using the extra for potential Trading purchases of Bitcoins. We will adjust the returns on next weeks Adjustment Day.

Many of my readers on investnote have realised how powerful the Bitcoin is. I believe we see the coin dropping these days and bouncing to an all new high by the end of next week.

Of course, it will be more exciting once we have our own trading platform. However, we have to wait. Sadly I am not a programmer. I have beta tested the Bitcoin system inside NoBox, and it worked, actually it was fantastic. So it can't be long until we unleash the beast!

As thrilled this makes me, I understand the security is crucial, and the script must be calculating without any problems. The Coins also need to have the actual price during purchase and withdrawals.

I am excited, and I know NoBox will have an entirely new income stream once Bitcoin is functioning.
This is one of the Key Extensions of my Extension and Exit Strategy!

Just imagine not only deposits and withdrawals of ads and revenue packs. But a trading and exchange feature. Shopping environment, an Auction, and cash-back feature.. Bitcoin will make an impact, and so will NoBox to the Market.

Talking of Impact; Globalmartlink published a review about "The Internet's No.1 Sustainable Rev Share Program With Multiple Income Streams" NoBox – A Unique and Sustainable Revenue Share Program:

NoBox getting noticed! We have reached 3200 Members without spending a dollar on Ads. Therefore, I want to thank all of my members and bloggers who helped getting NoBox the attention it deserves. Expect some extra rewards once the trading system is online. Regardless if, you helped with purchasing of revenue packs, or with referring Members to NoBox.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. Help me transforming NoBox from revenue share to a powerhouse business. In return, I make sure you build wealth for yourself and your family.
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Originally shared by ****

                                      ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐~ J☺hn
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Interview with GangnamG of the privatehyipforum

Hi you guys ( and girls, especially Hyipfever) 

I made an email interview with Karlo Marek (well, let's call it interview.. hehe.. I sent him 6 questions and he answered in 2 hours)

I copy my questions and the answers I was given. We can discuss it if you want. Please forgive me my English language.. I found some mispellings and maybe some inappropriate words as well, but I did not want to change anything..

1. Bitcoin: as I know bitcoin price is quite high at the moment, about 42 USD. Some months ago it was about 2-3 usd. Quite volatile I think. What I do not know is the risk concerning the price. What if I buy bitcoin than later the price drops drastically – let’s say to 10 USD? Than I lost 75% of my principal that was put into bitcoins. Isn’t it quite risky?

Yes, the price could go down, yet rise. Bitcoin attracts at the moment many online investors. Additionally it is a currency what is being even offline accepted in some countries With technology on the rise, I actually see Bitcoin transactions on your cellphone. Paying in shops and by touching phones. Sounds like a James Bond Movie, I know. Yet this apps and the touching phone technology are actually already in the Googe-playstore. I wrote about this on Google+ in case you missed it. In my opinion, the Bitcoin value will be rising over the next year. I have a real confidence in the currency. Thanks to its real anonymity Bitcoin will be soon a key player on MLM and on many hyip programs. Being one of the first, plus having the exchange offered in NoBox, Bitcoin will be a great asset to the revenue pack holders and to the NoBox ecosystem.

2. Will be an opportunity to invest through ecurrency as well or after a period of time only bitcoin would be accessible in Nobox. Maybe I read something like this in one of your newsletter ( I am not sure)

No, Bitcoin will be one of many offers. NoBox will be still supporting Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and EgoPay. With the latest Solidtrustpay issues, I consider dropping them, but I like to give STP a change to explain what, and why this happen. Bank Deposits and Withdrawals will be accepted soon, and we might look into other depositing methods in the future.

3. From 1st June the none membership status will be removed from Nobox as you told us. Arent you afraid of loosing much members who would not like to have a membership?

The None Membership feature for Revenue Packs will be removed. At this time, we will have PTC and other income strategies in the Ecosystem of NoBox. With the Shop, the Exchange etc, there are many things people can use to make money. It's part of the Exit Strategy. NoBox can't offer revenue shares forever. If NoBox just continue the revenue shares and offer more and more of the same old investment plans, NoBox would become nothing more as a better ponzi scheme. I want, planed and will make NoBox a Powerhouse, with many income opportunities, but also businesses offered. The Extension and Exit Strategy is the key, and removing the None Membership option is part of the transition

4. This is my greatest concern: after stopping Revenue Pack purchases what will be the most important revenue source of a Nobox member? I maybe cannot understand quite well your concept. I cannot see what will be the main income source for the members after Revenue Packs will be gone. Could you please clarify this a bit? Will be there passive ways to earn?

Yes, there will. For once watching Ads will not be removed, you can earn credits, what can be traded and become real value. There will be a PTC area, the exchange centre, the Shopping Center, Video Ads to watch. All of this and more will create revenue. We will just have a different structure as you see now. With the extensions, the transformation will explain itself. There is still a long way in front of us. A lot money will be made, and a lot new income streams created. With time, you will learn the Extension and Exit Strategy is not only essential, but makes the entire NoBox concept more enjoyable, and more powerful. NoBox will always offer some kind of revenue share system, but in different ways. However, there is still a long bumpy road in front of all of this transformation. It will be exiting, a lot work, but we will all make money during the progress, and I bet most people are here for this exact reason. To create Wealth!

5.If something new development is under way concerning STP I would be glad to hear, My favourite payment proc is STP at the moment.

Well, I would have mentioned it. STP was not reachable on Friday. I had the support numbers on speed dial, and also refreshed the site for their live support. I am sure we will have STP back to normal on Monday after we are able to reach someone there. The moment the NoBox account is restored I hit mass-pay and the pending STP withdrawals will be paid. Honestly, we have not many STP investors, it's the currency with the lowest deposits. Only 10 pending withdrawals are unpaid. If we need to exchange the withdrawals to other currencies, so be it. Anyway let's not speculate what I will do in the future about STP, all I can say is I am not pleased. Yet I am sure Monday we will have the STP account functioning, or I move on and find a different solution for my investors. I am not letting some currency madness getting into the way of my goals. Creating an internet powerhouse and wealth for all of us in the process.

6. I would like to know something on member statistics. I know we reached 1000 members, 70% active. Is it true? Can I ask the latest numbers? If it is allowed to know I would be interested int he proportion of the 3 membership types as well or any other statistics investments for example that you can share with me.

We have now around 1600 Members, well a little less, but almost this amount. 65% active what is a very nice amount consider almost everyone was joining NoBox by invitation of a friend or from ads members placed on forums, blogs etc. I am proud of the development so far. From the deposits, Liberty Reserve has around 70% of all investments, followed by Egopay with around 15% and STP and Perfect Money covering the remaining amounts. Since Liberty Reserve can be exchanged easily to other ecurrencies this is the best scenario, and I am happy we have this structure. With the STP madness, I am actually very happy it's that way (;

The NoBox Membership has the most members with around 50% of the NoBox population, followed by None Membership holder with 35% and the remaining 15% have chosen not to participate in the watch ads part of NoBox. The two highest investors have both a NoSurf subscription the third highest distributor is surfing.

*There is a little community in where some parts of your newsletters are regularly shared by members. Please feel free to give me a sign which parts of your answers could be shared with other members on this forum and which parts you would like to be treated confidential by me.(

Feel free to share the answers with the community. Chose what you believe should be shared, there is nothing what need to be hidden. I always try to be as straightforward as possible. I like to add I take NoBox seriously, and together we will create wealth. NoBox has a long journey to go until NoBox become the website I want it to be. We might face some obstacles in the progress. However, I will do my best to creating wealth for all of us, and together we will make NoBox not only become this special website, but so much more.

Thank you for giving me the chance of this interview. A big thank you to the community and its members. And the biggest thank you to everyone who help me transforming NoBox into the powerhouse it supposed to be. I couldn't do it without you! However, I am glad you allow me being part of creating wealth to you and your family.

So that was my little Q&A section with Karlo. feel free to comment, let's discuss it if you think.

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NoBox Review : An ambitious sustainer

Hello Punch Nation! I hope your investments have been going well for all of you. This season certainly has been an interesting one with many promising programs popping out and old powerhouse turning to dust but hey, lets stay positive since old one don’t go, new one never never comes right?
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