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Tony Manfred is the worst Journalist so far!.
MORE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Hey Tony, No hate here!  But Mr. Brady is now complaining after he had an opportunity to clear himself during appeal process. But he failed due to his continued arrogance and deliberate cover up act of destroying his cell phone that he refused to provide during initial investigation. His lie and continued to efforts to cover up his illegal deflating strategy to get that edge as well as not cooperate with any fact finding investigation!
In accordance with collective bargaining agreement that the legal standard criterion of “probable cause” has been met, so the Commissioner's 4 games suspension penalty stands!  
So now this clown wants to spends the NFLPA's players millions, not his own to go to court? Yes, let’s see if the BALL BOYS whom he threw under the bus, will commit perjury for this prima donna? So by his delaying the inevitable, may result in suspensions in December that may cost his team a play-off spot! So Mr. Prime Donna thinks he is more important than his team and NFL game. He still thinks he can dictate to NFL what rules he will accept? And finally he mistakenly thinks we, the majority of fans are stupid enough to believe THE BALL BOYS decided to deflate balls on their own and risk their jobs as a result of this ball tampering? This egoistical idiot has only embarrassed himself with his stealth conduct. Kudos to NFL Commissioner for not backing down and Mr. Kraft, please shut up and keep counting your millions !  &
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