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Carlos Perón
Dä gschwinder isch dä tifiger.
Dä gschwinder isch dä tifiger.


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Today is the day to celbrate the new Swiss anthem.
Style: Ambient, Drone

In 24 & 16 bit quality:…/schweizerpsalm-holloc…/m1t16n699wr2a
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We are on!
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CARLOS PERÓN joins the RHIZOM Festival, Zurich
19-20-21 May 2018 — Rote Fabrik Zurich

+++ all infos:
+++ Sat. May 19, 14:00 — tiill Mon. May 21st, 12:00
+++ Music, Performance, Congress, Life

the interdisciplinary rhizom festival developed out of a collective dedicated to cultivating alternative electronic music and arts. it commits itself to uniqueness, character, innovation, passion and diy-spirit.

+++ ARTISTS +++
Annalena Fröhlich & Fhunyue Gao (Performance, CH)
—— //
BabyVal (DJ, CH)
Bitchin Bajas (live, US; Drag City, Rvng Intl.)
Bonnie (DJ, CH; ORDEN)
Brvna+ich (DJ, CH; Ziischtigsklub)
Carlos Perón (live, CH; Sub Culture Records)
Cera Khin (DJ, DE; LazyTapes)
Colliding Fields (live, CH; Unvague)
COS (DJ, CH; City Trance)
Der Pfeil (Performance, CH)
Dontdj (DJ, DE; Diskant, Berceuse Heroique)
Dr. Dr. Snaut (Performance, CH)

Eisentanz (live, CH; Ng-Productions)
FOQL + VJ Copy Corpo (live, PL; Always Human Tapes) //
DJ Hectik (DJ, IL; Fortuna Records)
Kalbata (DJ, IL; Fortuna Records)
Gibraltar Vacuum (live, CH; OUS)
GIL (live, CH; Danse Noire)
Imbolc (live, IE; Eotrax)
Jan Nemeček (live, SR; OUS)
Kia Mann (DJ, CH; Studio Mondial)
Krankenzimmer 204 (live, CH; Die Anstalt)
Stefanie Stauffacher (live, CH)
mace. (live, IT; Lux Rec)
Marina Stewart (live, DE; UnicatipH)
Maoupa Mazzochetti (live, ; Unknown Precept, Knekelhuis)
Marion Zurbach (Performance, CH; Unplush)
Martina Lussi (live, CH; Hallow Ground, Präsens Editionen)
Meuko Meuko! (live, TW; Danse Noire)
Na-aH (live, CH; Kashev Tapes)

NÅR (live, CH)ÂR-1810555345893941/
Nene H. (DJ, TR; Bedouin Records)
Nitrate (DJ, CH; 000-000)
Nochexxx (Performance, UK; ALIEN JAMS / RAMP Recordings)
nOn+ (live, CH)
Nora Halpern & Julia Künzi (Performance, CH)
Novo Line (live, IT; Das Andere Selbst / Diagonal)
Iron Computer Mentality & Uhuruku (live, CH; Vandalizm / OUS)

parrish smith (DJ, NL; Knekelhuis)
Pure Mania (live, CH/UK)
R2L (WTF + Remi) (DJ, CH; R2L)
Rago & Farina (live, IT)

S S S S (live, CH; Haunter Records, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)
Shayu (DJ, CH; Unity)
Shazzula (Performance, BE; Black Mass Rising)
~ StaStava ~ (DJ, CH; LUFF)
SUPERMAFIA VJ'S (Installation, CH)
Syncboy (live, DE; Lustpoderosa)
Tiki Tula (DJ, CH)
Toresch (live, DE; Offen Music, Salon des Amateurs)
Rakun (live, CH)
Wilted Woman (live, DE; Alien Jams / Primitive Languages)
Wind (Performance, DE)

Zenobia (live, DE)
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Now worldwide on CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The YELLO chronicles by JONAS WARSTAD The early years Part I 1976-1979 as Paperback…/198…/ref=sr_1_1/147-6166905-6800538…
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We are on:

GRAND ILLUSION - Cool in the freeze…/grand-illusion-c…/3637341-02/…/GRAND_ILLUSION_Cool_in_the_Freeze……/prod…/B0797FFZ9M/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp

The New World Order and how I met Carlos Perón.
GRAND ILLUSION, produced by Carlos Perón, swept the world 5 years ago with the single, Iz No Guud.
It coincided with the Mayan prophecies of the end of the world. But, it did not happen.
Now, with the second coup, GRAND ILLUSION lashes out their new album with the help of Carlos Perón,
Steven James, Kevin Komoda, Chevalier Olivier, Nouhad Haddad, Yogie Smith and myself Monsieur Pierrot.
The album entitled Cool in the freeze was recorded in Great Slave Lake in northern Canada, where it is very cold.
Stay tuned for the GRAND ILLUSION New World Order tour in 2018.

Die Neue Weltordnung und wie ich Carlos Perón getroffen habe.
GRAND ILLUSION, produziert von Carlos Perón, hat die Welt vor 5 Jahren mit der Single Iz No Guud erobert.
Es fiel mit den Prophezeiungen der Maya vom Ende der Welt zusammen. Aber es ist nichts passiert.
Jetzt, mit dem zweiten Coup, haut GRAND ILLUSION ihr neues Album mit Hilfe von Carlos Perón raus.
Mit Unterstützung von Steven James, Kevin Komoda, Chevalier Olivier, Nouhad Haddad, Yogie Smith und ich als Monsieur Pierrot.
Das Album mit dem Titel Cool in the freeze wurde am Great Slave Lake im Norden Kanadas aufgenommen, wo es sehr kalt ist.
Bleibt dran für die GRAND ILLUSION New World Order Tour im Jahr 2018.
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Tonight at the Temple
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