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Hey, just to let those of you who noticed that Apollo and Apollo+ are no longer in the Play Store know, MusixMatch filed a complaint and had them removed for alleged copyright infringement due to the way that Apollo fetches lyrics. I'm looking into the best way to handle this, and will be trying to get Apollo back into the store ASAP. That's all I know for now.
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Thanks for the update, hopefully something you can get sorted out right away. Even if you have to temporarily remove the feature until you get it sorted out.  I know I've been recommending it a lot since it hit the store.  Samsung Galaxy S3 Users love it.
Is it scraping musicmatch lyrics database without authorization? 
Apparently Wikia licenses the lyrics from Gracenote. And from what I can find, Gracenote and MusicMatch have been fighting in court for a decade....

So basically, MusicMatch is going after those who use GraceNote ... 
That's stupid!! They can't beat you so they got to find something to complain about.....kind of applish if you ask me! 

Oh well, we still support you man!! Find another way and get that SOB back on the playstore!! 
Are they afraid of a little competition? Hopefully you'll get back on the play store ASAP
Just wrote an e-mail to you and thank found this G+ post... Will be patiently waiting until you can bring Apollo back to Play Store. :) 
you also might want to look into changing where you get album art from as well. doesnt allow their apis to be used for commercial use and since you are now charging for apollo+ you may run into a problem
I bought the pro version, will I lose access to it eventually due to the authentication of puchase going through Play?

If so, where can I get the .apk of the free version, so I don't lose Apollo entirely?
Remove the lyrics feature and resubmit it until you can work out the issue with them.
lyrics.wikia wasn't that good anyway. Even didn't have lyrics for Marduk's Serpent Sermon album.
Please use a combination of & instead, if it is allowed. :)
+1 for Jeppe, it's not that necessary ! Thanks for the great job ;)
AJ Lopez
Here's my advice Andrew:

Remove completely the service from the builds and upload again the apps to the Store.

On the new builds, when users are trying to access the functionality use a message like this: "Lyric service is currently unavailable, will be back shortly. Sorry for the inconveniences".

Contact the guys at MusicMatch stating that their service will no longer be used by Apollo and that using the service was an unfortunate mistake. Sorry if this usage generated any inconveniences  the issue would have also been smoothly solved via email.

Also put a note at the end of the description on the Play Store stating that the lyric service its currently unavailable, but will be back shortly.

The situation sucks but there's nothing more to do than apologizing and moving on, reach me at my email if you need anything. 
Make lyrics a  plugin available to download from 3rd party site.
Hope that we'll see it in the Play Store soon... :)
Don't hard code a look up URL in, have users enter it. Problem solved.
I'm angry about what happened to Lyrics Wiki. They didn't used to be closed down and licensed. I typed up a bunch of indie artists' lyrics for them and I know others did as well and we helped them become top dog among competing free lyrics databases. And now all of us have gotten the shaft.
Innocent until proven guilty - at least, unless copyright and patent allegations are involved.
That sucks. You should just remove the lyrics feature and upload asap. Then add the feature in after you've sorted it out.
Vevek's got a good point, Mr. Neal. Just go that route. Apparently you've got these MusixMatch (whoever they are) folks a little concerned about your code.

I'd keep 'em concerned. XD
Ryan Ng
That really sucks.
It really does. Now I'm stuck with useless due crashes app (+ version). I've sent couple reports on crashes. Is dev planning to update the app to those who buy the Play Store version? Is there any chance on updating app if you can't manage to get it back to GPlayStore? Thank You.
Bummer, still haven't heard back from Google on my appeal that was over a year ago... Good luck.
Sad news of the day :/. I agree with what has been said above, write up some generic apology and live without the feature (if that'll get it back in Play). It's not worth fighting over, and I'm sure that the majority'll understand there's no real alternative.
I think a one-star bomb of musiXmatch player is in order.
+Andrew Neal  After reading about how it happen - no need for refund, just do your best to push it right back. Crossing fingers.
silly question, but It'll be available to download again for us who purchased it, right? Good luck with your issues with musicmatch 
I have to keep removing Apollo from cm10 because it always overrides the Bluetooth functionality when I use Google play music the most. Very annoying.
I bought the pro version, and would buy again if needed. Thanks a lot for your development! :-)
and while you've got all this downtime, get more widget variations going & the damn EQ working so when Apollo/Apollo+ comes back, it does it with STYLE!
hey but when you lose money on the Play Store versoen who bought the old has to pay?
Meh.. that's stupid. Uninstalling! Anyone suggests another lyrics app that automatically notifies when using gMusic and Spotify?
Like what +AJ Lopez said in removing the lyrics part and an apology letter. If you're prompt enough Google may allow you to update the app without making Apollo+ users buy it again. I'd happily donate again, but others may not.
Will I have to pay again when it goes back up? I dont mind doing so for such an awesome app, but I'm curious.
Yo +Andrew Neal i have plenty of Audio samples (Mp3s, M4as, Oggs) that are not decoded with the #Apollo player, gibe the error ( ....not supported by your device, but play well with other players like fr example: #TTpod , if you want to fix this issue i can send you those files just tell me where.
I bought it myself.  I like this program and I hope it hets better.  Just drop that functionality and add a 'select folder' function and it's on...
Yeah, I personally don't care about the lyrics functionality, and will be waiting to purchase the app when it returns, with or without some version of that feature! Best wishes in dealing with the situation.
Thank you for the update, and hope everything falls into place for ya. Butb really getting sick of hearing about this type of BS on everyone feeds and top story lines 
Andrew, this is Max, CEO & Founder of musiXmatch. This is an automatica process which starts from our legal staff based on our agreement with Music Publishers. I didn't know anything about that.

I love what Apollo did and is doing and i'm happy to hlep you guys ANYWAY.

Last thing i want to hear is that we don't want others app doing what we do.

That's not correct pls ping me and will help in anyway.

Sorry but even the latest market versions of apollo pale in comparison to the older apollo preview in january. 
I don't want a refund, just being able to update again when you came back to Play Store :-)
Hi Andrew,
In the meantime, until this issue is resolved, is there a way to directly download the APK? I would appreciate that.

Thanks, Lior.
Hi guys,
I just removed the "lyrics fetch" infringing code and sent a pull request to Andrew.
It now uses the musixmatch free SDK for showing the lyrics.

Sometimes the fastest solution is under everyone's eyes...

+Lior Levin you can download the apk I generated here:
But be aware that It is signed with my own developer key and I will remove it if Andrew will ask for that.

I'm not interested in a refund as I have no problem supporting people that develop apps and spend time working on them. I was however, curious if you have the apk that can be emailed so that those of use that paid for the app can install it on our tablets or other phones? 
I did wonder what happened to the app. Hope this is resolved soon.
Just uploaded my patch on the cyanogenmod repository for review:

+Andrew Neal in order to avoid similar problems in the future, I suggest you also get in touch with people at
For what I know, their API is free only for not-commercial usage (and adding banners/publishing on Google Store is certainly commercial).

+Koushik Dutta FYI if the version of Apollo currently embedded in cyanogen is taken from the "jellybean" branch, it shouldn't be affected by the lyrics copyright issue: indeed, I found the lyrics fetching code only in the "master" branch submitted few days ago.
That's stupid as loads of music players now get lyrics 
This new version is beautiful, thanks for your job !! It's the best music player ever made ;) I get the app from your git repository.
Gutted I got Apollo+ and loved it and only managed to backup 1.0 with titanium back up but it has save que issue and I changed ROM so I lost the latest version and I have to use 1.0 version gutted it was removed from playstore 
Even though Apollo and Apollo+ were removed because of lyrics I don't mind not having lyrics for a while or even forever it's something that's not a big deal I appreciate all work carried out on Apollo and +Andrew Neal is a great developer if somebody wants a refund then I would think that as being tight as Apollo is a nice and completely different and doesn't cost a fortune and it's a great buy I was expecting it to cost about £3 - £5 but it wasn't and I couldn't ask for a better music player just need it back on playstore 
+Daniel Robson I agree, I uninstalled because I was having stability issues, so now I've no Apollo+ at all. But I don't want a refund, It's obvious Andrew is committed to the project. (Of course I have CM10 so I probably don't miss Apollo+ so much as I have the standard version still.)
Hoping to see the return of the app in the market soon.I was looking for it to make a complain about equalizer not working in the galaxy s3 international version. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks a ton for this great app :-)
What about local lyric files..?
Hey +Andrew Neal , don't know if somebody said it before but have you looked at the KDE music player Amarok and how it gets the lyrics? Only an idea. Hope Apollo+ will soon be back on Play Store.
Amazing work! :) I love apollo! Works brilliantly on my gnex and my fiancée's galaxy 5 running unofficial cm10. Its amazingly quick on her low end phone compared to Google play music! Goes to show that music players don't have be simple and rubbish to run smooth on low end devices :) but anyway, I hope the issue gets sorted soon and Apollo is back on the play store. I'm gonna hang on to my apk for dear life until then Haha :P
+Rakesh Ashok are you running cyanogenmod or stock? Because I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that the equalizer is just if you have DSP manager (cyanogenmod's equalizer).
Trae C
Apollo looked like a cool app and I'm disappointed I didn't grab it when I had a chance.  any place to download it directly?
+Ethan Cottier I'm running the stock touchwiz jelly bean ROM. I still haven't rooted yet. I thought Apollo had Equalizer support without the DSP manger like Poweramp. I'm able to see a Equalizer option in the settings menu of apollo but if i click on it nothing happens. 
I knew I bought Titanium Backup for something. Screw musixmatch. Never showed my collection's lyrics anyway lol
Yeah just post a different version up with out the lyrics feature, for google play.
^ yea the idea to have one without the lyrics fetching is a good idea
also dude have you ported the app to the BlackBerry 10 App world cause I am seeing it there and  I am not sure if its you the vendor is calling himself Zetahertz 
No idea. Still waiting for an update from the developer. Would be welcome after almost 5 months... 
aun no lo has podido recuperar APOLLO verdad Andrew Neal?
I know, but it's a shame that there are no updates at all from the developer. 
guys, how can i get apollo play .ogg files?
I use your app everyday ! I appreciate all of your hard work! Hopefully you'll add an option to view by folder since I have my playlists grouped by folder ! Just a thought a million thanks ! 
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