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I've been pretty hard at work preparing the music app to hit the Market as well as sending out the first updated since I originally posted. We're getting very close to that and I think a lot of exciting are coming your way. ;)

To start things off, the new name for the music app is Apollo.
To go along with that, introducing the new Apollo app icon and banner curiosity of +A. J. Lopez Show this guy some love, he's been extremely helpful and fun to work with as everything has started to come together.

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很想早点从Google market下载这个APP!
Cool - looking forward to Apollo. The last version conflicts with the default Music app that comes loaded with ICS (CM9), but it looked good when I was able to run it. :)
I don't want to rain on anyones parade but a guy called Austin Miller already has an Apollo music app in the market :(
Great to know that the development didn't stop... I use your music app since you first time published a beta version... I replaced the default music app with it in system/app... Looks and functions very good... Only issues i noticed are: 1. When first time entering the app on Galsxy Nexus it is hard to find settings, 'cause GNex doesn't have menu button and in app there's no menu button displayed. 2. Sometimes after a call (incoming or outcoming) the app starts playing by itself. o_0
Hey +Andrew Neal , thanks for this app. 1. Where can I get the current version of the app? 2. Does the current version (or will the market version) support playing files from music folders on the sd card? Thanks in advance for your hardwork & dedication to this application.
Hello +Andrew Neal i have a question. Why couldnt you integrate google music? I know is a question of api, but in windows phone 7 and in the android market there are some music app that sync with gmusic. Thank you for your explanation
Nico S.
That's probably because he wanted to invent some music app that no one uses in the end. Google Music synces with your online music and looks better than the Cyanogenmod Music App, even with the Google Music Theme... That's why :)
+Alessandro Landra Google haven't released the API for it. I think there are ways to download from google music or offer access to the web interface but this isn't really integration. I haven't however seen any of these apps so don't know what they're doing.
Name seems very unoriginal and doesnt suit a music app but im still looking forward to it
can't install this app on my phone, because there is already the google music app preinstalled on ics which results in a name&certificate conflict. can you make a fork with a different appname?
I think he's trying to install them side by side. Try moving google music to /data/app and put this one in /system/app. I've had them side by side before but can't remember how I did it :/
+Andy Burne i've tried it this way:

$ su
$ mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
$ rm /system/app/Music2.apk
$ cat "/sdcard/CM Music.apk" > /system/app/Music2.apk
$ mount -o ro,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
$ sync
$ reboot
but I still get the same error message. it translates as:
App not installed
A package wit the same name, but conflicting signature, is already installed
+Sam Tate that might work. but i hestiate to buy software when i can get the same for free with a little bit of hacking.
Brilliant App, so much better than stock music. This will be installed once my cm9 build has stability. :D Well done +Andrew Neal
+Johann Dirry , try uninstalling the default music app with titanium, then reboot and then install Apollo Player :)
what you missed here is the reboot between removing default player and installing the new one, becouse the app sig remains until reboot if you're removing a system app
found a solution. I've used root uninstaller, rebooted and it works. thanks folks!
+Johann Dirry Huh, that's interesting. There's a few API methods that get my attention. I'll play around with it.
Capability browsing directories would bei nice
Gapless playback? ReplayGain support? Sort by ALBUMARTIST field? Focus loss ducking?

pls pls pls :)
+Johann Dirry Focus loss ducking is the ability to allow the music to keep playing, at a lower volume, when notification sounds come through. CM7 had it baked into the OS, but other ROMs don't have it. It's a bit jarring on my Galaxy Nexus when a notification comes through, the music goes silent while the notification sound plays.
Can't wait for this to be available. I've been rocking the version you made available since its release... I can honestly say that no other music app compares. Great work.
Could you share your Music app source code?
Yes, got your source code. Updated a month ago. lol
What will the minimum Android version be for Apollo?
+Eli Gukovsky Right now it's 4.0, but the update I'll be sending out soon goes down to 2.2.
Thanks. Also, will tablets be supported? (I'm not going to beg since I don't have a tablet though)
tablets should be finde, since the interface stretches with screen size.
from a quick look i can't find that in the source. but probably the only change needed would be an additional layout file with tabs on the left side stagged over each other on large landscape screens.
Will this app be able to play Apple lossless AAC files? ALAC codec is now opensource, afaik.
Any ETA on Apollo? I'm so anxious!
+Andrew Neal
Do you have an updated version of Apollo? Can you upload it on seeing pixels? Or if you plan to release it soon on Play Store don't upload it on seeing pixels.
he means he's putting it on the play store as well as making it available in cm nightlies
Does it have google music integrated 'cause I've moved my music library there and the play music app is terrible ! If you've used it you'll know what I mean I really like the music app you've developed but I might never use if unless I get a new phone aha so are there any plans to integrate google music if you haven't already I'm using a fairly old build of cm 9 from about a month ago so its out dated with cm9 new features and changes etc
No Google Music integration. They haven't released the API's and probably never will.
+Mathew Hanley What's terrible about Google Play Music? I use the app all the time but I don't know what you're talking about
+Dale Kimball Damn it! :'( but it's open source I think in the settings it says something about open source license or something not sure can't remember. +Jon Lambert it's settings are minimal and for some reason when you open the notification drawer the back button is missing it just terrible
Never say never when it comes to google!
+Mathew Hanley The back button appears in landscape, and the open source thing is for the GraceNote software that powers Instant Mix
Oh I know somebody made something for iphone called gmusic and they wrote their own API for google music and got it working maybe he could write his own or approach him it would be possible
Please put on market then we can buy it enjoy it and wait for some updates and features later but this is the best music player 
Won't work on cm7 as it's created for ics and I think it uses ics API but I might be wrong
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