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Google has just pushed a new version of Hangouts with version number 2.1 attached. With a whole point update we'd expect to see some notable changes. This... by Ryan Whitwam in Applications, News
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The issue I have with hangouts is people with both SMS and Google contacts, but without an Android phone. I never know which I'm messaging with. And I'd I'm sending to their Google contact, they only see the message if logged onto the website. It needs to send to BOTH at all times to ensure receipt, and if they have the hangouts app, it can eliminate the dupe.
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Andrew Neal

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For those who have been wondering, Apollo development is still moving 
along, and I've reached a point where I've begun to bring things back 
around for a new release in the Play Store. I've been silent on G+ 
lately for a few reasons, the biggest of which is simply that I prefer 
to give updates when releases are close rather than document every 
change to the project. But another reason is that I've been trying to 
figure out how to deal with a problem that's recently come up with 
Apollo's license. 

Due to certain events in the past few months, Apollo's license will no 
longer be Apache 2.0, and its new license will be non-commercial when 
the new version of Apollo is published to the Play Store. When I 
originally published Apollo under Apache 2.0, I did so in good faith but 
without enough research. I never intended for the Apollo project to be 
used commercially by third-parties, but unfortunately, this is exactly 
what has happened. It's a disappointing situation, and I don't like 
making changes to the project because of other people's greed. But I 
believe that in this case, it is what's best for the project. 

I'm currently testing a release build of the next version of Apollo, so 
those of you who are wondering about an ETA, know that it's as soon as 
I'm comfortable with the build quality (which I believe will be soon). I 
appreciate everyone's patience, and I promise that the wait will be 
worth it.

#Apollo   #Android  
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Andrew Neal

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I just pushed a new library that makes it easy to use the carousel widget from the People app. Apollo uses it when you're viewing profiles.

It's useful for when you're swiping between two sets of data.

You and read more about it here.

And you can grab the source from here:

#Android   #AndroidDev   #LibraryProject  
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Apollo doesn't work on 4.2.2
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Andrew Neal

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I've been in contact with Max, the CEO of musiXmatch, and he has made the legitimate request that I ask you to stop spamming the musiXmatch app comments and accusing them of being patent/copyright trolls. I never asked any of you to do those things, and I don't think that I can tell anyone to not do them. But I would appreciate it if those of you who are planning to do so would instead oblige Max's request. I'm not, however, asking you to do this to defend musiXmatch. They've handled this situation questionably, at best. I'm asking you to stop because I feel for the position they're in right now, and I don't think that retribution is going to make this better for anyone.

But that said, I'm making this request after being given the ultimatum of doing so or not receiving any help from musiXmatch in having Apollo reinstated. So, here's where things have gone since I've contacted them: I have musiXmatch trying to push changes to my open source music app that would integrate it with their for-profit service. I have musiXmatch threatening to file complaints with Google against me or my app (It wasn't clear which) because of the spam in the Play Store. And I have musiXmatch trying to coerce me into saving them from you. It's hard to trust what someone says when it's clear that they're only talking to you because they need something or want to use you. Max has been somewhat polite and did offer to let me use their API or SDK for free, but I doubt that same offer was extended to everyone who has been in my situation. Although, it would be more disturbing if it had been. All I've asked is that musiXmatch help me get my apps back in the Play Store without lyrics fetching support. I don't know if this is even something that they can help with, but it's not something they'll discuss without their demands being met.

Max is careful to note that Apollo was removed as the result of an automatic process involving his legal department, which he knows nothing about. How the founder and CEO of a company can shirk responsibility for one of his company's policies is a question in itself. But his attempt to distance himself from what happened still doesn't change the fact that musiXmatch uses an automated process that can result in legitimate apps being suspended from the Play Store. I don't know yet if that's what happened with my apps, but this situation could have been resolved in an hour with two emails and a few sentences. Instead, musiXmatch uses a blind service to weed out possible offenders so that they can be sure to squash them all, and then relies on Google to correct their misfires. Max indicated that they determine whether an app should be targeted for a DMCA claim based at least in part on whether the app attributes its lyrics fetching to a particular source in its description. What they don't do to determine whether an app should be targeted for a DMCA claim is ask someone who could tell them. Max let me know that they make between 200-300 of these DMCA claims per day, but it hardly seems like an imposition to ask for an email first. That might have been a bit simpler, I think, and it would certainly allow musiXmatch to take at least some responsibility for how their actions, automated or not, affect other developers.

So, right now all I can do is wait for Google to review my counterclaim. I can't reupload the apks to the Play Store without lyrics support until they're reinstated. But I am working on the next update, and it is going to make it out one way or another.

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Yeah Andrew!!

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Andrew Neal

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Hey, just to let those of you who noticed that Apollo and Apollo+ are no longer in the Play Store know, MusixMatch filed a complaint and had them removed for alleged copyright infringement due to the way that Apollo fetches lyrics. I'm looking into the best way to handle this, and will be trying to get Apollo back into the store ASAP. That's all I know for now.
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I use your app everyday ! I appreciate all of your hard work! Hopefully you'll add an option to view by folder since I have my playlists grouped by folder ! Just a thought a million thanks ! 
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Andrew Neal

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+Adam Kubik Thanks, man. I really appreciate that.
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After answering a question on Stack Overflow about stopping the ActionBar from embedding its tabs and reading about Dropbox's new app, it occurred to me that you could do the opposite to embed the tabs in portrait mode too, much like the Dropbox app does. I figure they might inflate a custom layout though. Thought it was kinda interesting.

Here's a link to the question:

Here's a picture:

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I always see Your answers in stack over flow! Thanks professional man :D 
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Andrew Neal

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Thanks for your answer!
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Andrew Neal

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Free games

Free Steam keys: first come, first served.

Swords & Sworcery


Crayon Physics Deluxe

#HumbleBundle   #Steam  
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OK can't wait to get it 
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Andrew Neal

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Hey, everyone, +AJ Lopez  the designer of the awesome Apollo banners and icon, has a new series on design called #TeaMeal  and I want to make sure that everyone has the chance to check it out. He also has some great designs on Dribbble. Anyway, I hope you take a look.

Also, Apollo updates in the very near future.
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+michael Birdinground WTF random go on Google play games you will find people who play minecraft if you on about console just go online 
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Andrew Neal

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Is it a sin if someone put a download link somewhere?
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Andrew Neal

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This hopefully has the makings of the best music player on the platform, but I would suggest some essential changes.  I'm on version 1.0 and I see that some of these changes have already been requested, I'm not sure if a later version has been released.  I really like that going to an artist and clicking on a track for a compliation takes me to the whole compliation!

Scrolling through Albums and Artists is a very sub-optimal experience.  There is no scrollbar, I find the grid system unhelpful, I can only see about 6 artists at once, and with some images I don't recognise.  It would be good to either look for existing images embedded in the mp3 file first, or have an option to turn off album art fetching so none displays. In any case, if an app is constantly looking for images and downloading them, I think a lot of people will simply choose not to run it if they are on a small data plan.  I would like the option to return to the classic list view with a scrollbar.

The lockscreen player is great to have but whilst it means I don't have to unlock the screen to change tracks, It does mean I have to unlock the phone to check the date!  Again, whilst the album art is nice to have, just a simple back/forward and play/pause would allow for space for all the other stuff that goes on the cyanogenmod lockscreen, like weather and events.  I'm sure some people like it the way it is currently too.

Minor things... It would be nice to remove tabs that we don't use and reorder the ones that are there.  Lyrics that are in the ID3 tags could be displayed on the now playing screen.  Thanks for releasing this app!
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