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Carissa Thilgen
A California girl and newlywed trying to find her way on the East Coast and as a Coastie wife.
A California girl and newlywed trying to find her way on the East Coast and as a Coastie wife.

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No Longer Newlyweds : Happy Two Years!
I am so thankful I get to do life with this man, my husband, my best friend. Life isn't always easy, but the struggle is worth it with him by my side and any burden is lessened because he shoulders it with me. When I can't find my strength, optimism or joy,...

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Time Keeps Marching On
15 years. Losing him seems like a lifetime ago. At least, half my life ago. And while time marches on, making those intense bouts of grief fewer and far between — time doesn’t heal, you just learn to live with your loss and manage the pain that absence brin...

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NYC Bucket List
The military life is one that is always on the move , and since we won't be in the New York City area indefinitely, I put together another bucket list  (with a few repeats from my summer and fall lists) to tackle this coming spring and summer. Of course, yo...

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Book Report : Big Magic
One of my (many!) New Year's resolutions for 2016 is to read one book a month — which may not sound like a big goal or commitment to some but it is for this gal, who has had many unopened books languishing on her shelves, collecting dust, for years.  For Ja...

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Anthro Life : Working Creatively
One of the reasons that I stepped away from the blog this past fall was because life got busy. I took a part-time job working as a sales associate at Anthropologie in Hoboken, and the holiday shopping season was a bustling one! Fortunately, I have been able...

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On the Horizon : The City by the Bay
San Francisco, here I come Right back where I started from Well, that's almost the song and that's almost true. About a week into the New Year, G received the news we had been waiting on pins and needles to hear: where we would be transferring to next. Yes,...

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Snow Day!
Winter Storm Jonas hit the northeast this past weekend, dumping two feet of snow on Jersey and NYC. I was scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday, but both shifts were cancelled due to the weather as well as a "travel ban" in Hoboken  —  and this California g...

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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016
Holy hiatus! I never planned to be away from the blog this long, but life got in the way. Things have been busy with the holidays, of course, and working in retail made my days even busier. And yet I can't believe it is the last day of the year! I still hav...

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Explore New York : The Met Rooftop
Enjoying a glass of ros é   wine atop the roof of  The Metropolitan Museum of Art , overlooking Central Park, has been a must-do on my NYC bucket list ever since I read about it as a "kind of" secret way to spend a late afternoon in the city. Of course, I'd...

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Explore New York : Chelsea Market
When the hubs and I set out to walk The High Line , our end goal was  Chelsea Market , conveniently located right along the line between 15th and 16th streets in the Meatpacking District. A former coworker in California, who had recently visited New York, e...
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