In response to +Jesse Noller's "PyCon 2013 talks I'd like to see", I'd like to see the following (someone, please give this talk!):

Understanding Mathematical Notation With Python
A survey of math notation that tends to confuse developers who've never formally studied math beyond high school in the US. This talk won't dive deeply into any one area but aims to provide a brief familiarity with various notations and how they would be represented in code.

    - Open with a brief discussion of your background that demonstrates to the audience that you're a mathematical badass who understands this notation and has some passing familiarity with how notation sometimes differs from one discipline to another.

Set Theory Symbols:
    - This would be pretty simple as there are lots of one-to-one correlations that could be quickly shown using operators on Python's builtin "set" type.

Complex Numbers:
    - Show basic examples and then represent the same formulas using Python's builtin "complex" type.
Capital-Sigma Notation (Σ):
    - Explain the pieces and give a simple example (using comprehensions or loops).
    - Incrementally change the index and upper/lower bounds and show these along side the incrementally changed Python implementations.
    - Although related, capital-pi and integral notation are probably too much to go into but perhaps the simplest examples could be shown.

Big-O Notation:
    - Talk about how this is used to describe certain processes.
    - Briefly explain O(1), O(n), O(log n), O(n^2), etc. and then show side-by-side code snippets (5-10 lines each) that exhibit each of the described behaviors.

Things that might be too tricky for a talk like this...
    Propositional Calculus
    Set-builder Notation

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