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Josh Goodall

Occasionally I want to treat OSX like real BSD and we have a little fight and OSX wins and I end up doing it Steve's way after all.

Tonight we look at system group editing. No, there's no usermod or vigr. Granting yourself access to the postgresql socket in OS X Lion Server is done thus:

# dscl localhost
> cd /Local/Default/Groups
> append _postgres GroupMembership joshua
> cat _postgres

See dscl(1) for more and ls -la /var/pgsql_socket for why.

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Saddened that my two favourite typefaces - Optima and Garamond - do not play well together at all due to the conceptual infighting. And furthermore saddened that the subtle affect of both is obliterated by the crude raster of regular displays.

Going to be drinking a lot of #tea in the coming months. Shall I stick to Earl Grey or I shall I look to the white/green teas?

I'm looking for merchant services that can receive in USD/AUD/EUR/GBP but settle directly into an onshore AUD account.

The closest solution I've found so far is a NAB Multi-Currency a/c with DPS or Eway as the gateway (and importantly this is still Chargify/Spreedly/etc friendly).

Any more suggestions? (don't say Paypal)

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Let's play a game! Spot the revolutionary slogan hiding in the breakfast cereal packaging.

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Sat 27th 07:00 The Two Peaks (175km) subalpine epic

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Sat 20th 07:30 Melbourne - Sorrento - Melbourne (200km) base ride.
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