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Goodbye Facebook. If I treated people the way I was treated, I'd be very unhappy. Right now I'm emotionally venerable and quite disappointed.

I'll never again open myself to others if this is what it comes to. If I were open I'd end up alone and sad. If I close myself I might still be alone but I won't have people to blame. There's no happy medium for thinking persons.
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Hey guys, just got DM installed on my Nexus 6. Question:  I'm not at home, but it doesn't stop other apps, so why doesn't the Chromecast icon appear?  I've been reading, and there is info about the beta 4.1 having the Cast button, and I read an article later that said Chromecast in DM was out of beta and open for all.  Does it only show up if you're near the device, or should it always show up?
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