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Hello world! Layla Proudfoot is back. Layla Proudfoot is back!  With a vengeance… a passion … a tired slogging forward into the next right thing. That is probably it.  I am tired but I am slogging forward.  This is a distressing week.  I say distressing bec...

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Getting Married at 47...
Almost a year later... we are still married and still happy.  :)  Here is the post I forgot to post... After 5 solid years of discovering me, I am getting married to the woman I never dreamed.  I never dreamed her because I could not have possibly dreamed s...

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This is Bruno. He is the sweetest most lovable dog on the planet. He is and 8 year old Tennessee Treeing Brindle, in great health and very calm. He needs a fenced in yard because he will roam without one. He loves to sleep on the couch but can be convinced that a dog bed is the better choice. I can't take him with me, and I hate it. He is neutered. If you can give Bruno a loving home, please contact me. It breaks my heart to give him up, but I have no choice. Thanks, Kathy

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My first underwater pictures
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