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Specializing in Stress Reduction, Pain Management, Trauma Release and Improving sense of well-being Biofeedback has been helpful with people who have ADHD, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, endocrine imbalances, anxiety and many more conditions that affect so many of us. According to Mayo Clinic website, "Biofeedback training, is used to help treat many physical and mental health issues, including: Anxiety, Stress, Asthma, Chemotherapy side effects, Constipation, Heart problems, High blood pressure, Incontinence, Irritable bowel syndrome, Pain, Physical performance and Raynaud's disease (retrieved from Mayo Clinic website)."

Here at AcuBalance, our core belief is BALANCE.  We look at the whole person; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the body.  The mind body connection is vital to our health.  It is important to tune into what the stressors are in our lives.  During an INDIGO Biofeedback session the client is educated on what specific areas of the body / mind are most in need of stress reduction and re-education. While the biofeedback process is completely non-invasive and gentle, this powerful stress management support system allows relaxation and increased ability for the body to heal.

The body is designed to heal itself! The process of biofeedback is not to heal - but to help the body remember the balanced and stress free state. When it is entrained to the healthier patterns of a relaxed state, this process of self-regeneration often happens naturally.

"I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind." Albert Einstein 

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