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Tiffany McDonald
Anyone else watch the Super Bowl? Just call me the Patriots. Oh, and I'm still making you famous online.
Anyone else watch the Super Bowl? Just call me the Patriots. Oh, and I'm still making you famous online.

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Looking for a marketing strategy that works for your dealership? Meet #ZipDriven. With over 16 new car reports and 13 used car reports, you’ll market in ways you never thought possible. #HouseBaratheon

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Yay! The intern +Richmond Nelson helped a local business owner refresh his website. Let us know what you think! Thanks for letting us serve you!

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Only a few floods in history were comparable to The Louisiana Great Flood of 2016. Read more! #LAFlood

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All - I have been busy. Please check out my most recent passion. I will post links soon of some of the amazing things that have happened to get me to this point!

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I'm so proud to announce the great things happening in Atlantic Beach for a client!

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Just a fun new brand combining  #yoga  and #dogs ! Have a story? Please share! #GivingDog

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Sharing for a friend +Kevin Conner : 

Allow me to tell a story. And then I'm going to ask for your help.
54 days ago I had to do the most difficult thing imaginable in business. A large layoff. It's the one thing that no business owner who really cares about his/her team ever wants to do. It was about 50% of our team. It was abrupt and unexpected and due to events we still don't fully understand.
Then throw this in: If you count back the days, you'll see if was right before Christmas. It was the hardest thing Vast Bridges (and probably those we had to part ways with) has ever gone through. But the reality was that at that point it was either some of us survive or none of us survive.
Our remaining team decided then to focus hard on something we had had a vision for for a long time but had made only a little progress towards. And so a few of us started working crazy 12-14 hour days and others have done thing they "didn't sign up for". It's been a true team effort.
Since then we have started to grow organically again (enabling us to bring back some that we had previously laid off!), but we feel that what we have released this morning will be a game changer.
It is released in beta today. It is basically the "" of Internet & TV providers. Search by zip to view all Internet & TV providers in your area - and see all their plans & pricing. For the large providers we have even examined their contracts ("subscriber agreements" they call them) and we translate the legalese into plain English.
Would you please help us out by taking a look & trying it out with your zip code?
Would really love any and all feedback you may have! Especially regarding accuracy of data.
Again, this is beta (full release in March). Not all plans are in there yet, for instance - adding more through the week. And TV plans will be inserted later today or early tomorrow. Other new features are literally being rolled out every few hours (we just added the identifying icons for Residential vs Business providers at noon).
Again, would appreciate any feedback you may have. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Please share also!

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Do you ever know something for some reason then realize you've never had to source it? lol. #seo   #pagerank

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Love the second one!
It's almost Friday so why not show off those pearly whites? 

Pass along one of these quotes and a nice smile to a stranger today! 
#PivotLife   #Blogging   #Quotes   #SimplyInsured  

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Well, I know I'm special but I guess all of us moms juggling everything can relax a bit on the amount of time and focus on the connection with our children. :)

#beingamom   #workhustle   #parentingwoes
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