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Game designer and storyteller
Game designer and storyteller

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Dragonmeet & other Meetings
I'm in London for Dragonmeet alongside the Pelgrane crew! Last year on the train into London from Heathrow, before Dragonmeet, I was reading Lavie Tidhar's The Violent Century , glancing out of the train at delapidated warehouses as the novel's superbeings ...

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Voting & Supporting Hillary
The stamp felt perfect for this ballot!  On the way back from casting the ballot, I passed Neil Stephenson, out for a stroll in the neighborhood he works in. I'll take passing a socially progressive writer who appreciates good weaponry as a good omen.  Earl...

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Two snippets about Glorantha and The Gods War
Sandy Petersen's The Gods War kickstarter is ending in about twelve hours and I didn't get around to mentioning that I'd written a couple short bits about Glorantha involving that project. Even if you aren't in for the mythical battles, it's worth checking ...

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A short essay on growing up Gloranthan! 

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This is the more recent PAX schedule for Uncle's Games designers, including some of the creators' projects. +Derek Hohls asked +Jonathan Tweet for that, and this is the updated version. 

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PAX Schedule and beyond
We don't have an official booth at PAX this year, and by we I mean my company Fire Opal Media and the two other companies I work with most: Pelgrane and Chaosium. We will be at GeekGirl Con on October 8th and 9th in the same Seattle Convention Center. I'll ...

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GenCon Notes: Lights! Camera! Action!
I had a great GenCon. So did most of my friends, both old and new. I’ll post a couple highlights, now and maybe later. Lights! Will Jobst and I left the exhibitors’ hall  on Saturday  night and went upstairs to watch the  13 th  Age  and GUMSHOE games in th...

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Doubling Up on the Three Storms: Big Trouble in Little China preview
I'm headed to GenCon soon, where previews will no longer be necessary, though an occasional design note may still be relevant. Today's quick show-and-tell introduces the two versions of the Three Storms. Upper Deck's original card list called them, for exam...

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Lords of Death: Big Trouble in Little China preview
I was gonna write my next preview about the two versions of the Three Thunders, but I don't have time to tackle that topic today. Instead, here's a henchman. The Lords of Death seem like a bunch of low-lifes with awesome sunglasses, but nobody ever wants to...

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My GenCon Schedule, 13th Age, & Glorantha
next week!! I’m going to be spending most of time at the Pelgrane booth, 419.
Chaosium is in booth 423, so the two places in the exhibit hall you’re likely
to find me are actually a single space with a blue curtain in the middle. I
missed last year’s...
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