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Hey Science Club members ! For those who don't know me I'm Ikrami Ouro, Former student at PS33 and now I attend Jonas Bronck Academy. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and to see how everyone is doing. I'm doing well. Just stay positive and don't let anyone's words bring you down.

Hey. Happy birthday +ALCHEMIST CLUB I wish u the best and many more to come. Congrats +masterkid 12345 for becoming the president

Hey guys! I'm Ikrami Ouro a sixth grader now. I want to say that I'm proud for every fourth grader that became a Science Club member. You would always ask me if you can become a science club member and I gave some of you that look. So now that your Alchemist members now keep your head high for anything coming. GOOD LUCK!!

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This is a success finally the Turtle Game is selling. Most kids are playing it and are enjoying it. WE ARE ONE and we will be successful if we work together and bring more ideas. 

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From that website Enjoy!!!😀😀😀

An amazing website just create different thing like rain.....
Here is the website

If you didn't go outside for recess you'll know what I am talking about.Everyone in the club has to come MANDANTORY(have to).
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