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Stephen Alexander

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Really nice story. Makes Jose Mourinho even seem likable. : - ) 
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Stephen Alexander

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I usually like Malcolm Gladwell's writing. This one on Steve Jobs is illuminating. 
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Stephen Alexander

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Interesting to think about. How much of variance is there in the ITSM practitioner/consultant world? Probably quite a bit I'd say - so, we are currently more driven by individuals than by institutions. Over time we should expect that to change as collectively our skill increases - which strangely enough then reduces the transformative impact of doing ITSM - but doesn't lessen the importance. 
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A 2 part question - 

Do you find being knowledgeable and using ISO's of particular value as an ITSM professional? 

If so, which ISO's should we know about? 

Would you add/remove from this list:

ISO 20000 - ITSM

ISO 27001 - IT Security

ISO 9000 - Quality (*generally recognized as the 'foundation' for any quality management framework - including ISO 20000)

ISO 21500 - Project Management (*Used in Design and Transition)

ISO 38500 - Corporate Governance of IT

ISO 22301 - Business Continuity

ISO 12207 - Software Lifecycle processes (*used in Design)

ISO 15504 - Process assessment

ISO 19770 - Software Asset Management (*can be used by Request, Capacity, as well as Configuration, Release and Change) 

ISO 15939 - Systems and Software Measurement (*used by Event, or even CSI)

ISO 16805 - Systems and Software engineering Risk Management
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+Stephen Alexander I've had a lot of issues with ISO 20K over its lifetime. IMO, this is the first version worth the effort that went into publishing it, let alone putting through the rigor of the standards process. I'm anxious to see where it goes from here.
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I tried searching to see if this was already posted - I didn't find it - so I do apologize if it was in fact posted earlier...

I found this from Van Haren Publishing -  is their 2012 - 13 Global Standards and Publications book - and it is free!

A lot of us in here talk about ITIL, sometimes to the exclusion of other approaches. This may help show us all that there is more out there, and possibly even more than we even suspected. I never knew of the Amsterdam Information Management Model - but I'm not surprised that the Dutch have (yet) another model. : - )
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Has anyone here been to or heard of Cloud Cred -

What is Cloud Cred?

I just found it today and joined up to see what it was about. It is not an ITIL or ITSM related site - but the reason I'm sharing is that I thought about how this place works and wouldn't it be interesting if there was an ITIL or ITSM version of this?

Essentially you join up, you complete tasks, you get points and badges, and through the community (and tasks) you build up your "cred" on the subject (Cloud in this case). 

It is just another way to "quantify" your knowledge and social impact/standing. On top of that, it is a rather interesting way to learn (in my opinion anyway). 

Thoughts? Maybe we will see something like this with the new lords of ITIL.
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Well it's briliant marketing, but that's what it is marketing (you did notice you signed all your personal and business information over to VMWare right?)

It is a layer below the credential system that AWS launched.

A knowledge repository doesn't make sense.  I've been in ITSM since 1992, and each year there is a call to create "it".

So one must ask, if we haven't done it, we have a reason for staying away from it.

We are moving to a netocracy, so the repository people keep calling for is right in front of you.  

Knowledge repositories in 2013 are like physical corporate offices of 2013, it's cute, it's a place to receive packages, but no one wants to go there.  

Once you surrender to proximity, you lose personal empowerment, this is why you will see location based knowledge skyrocket in the next year, contextual knowledge skyrocket in 2014 and quantified knowledge be the 2015 workplace.
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Stephen Alexander

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I remember when I used to think HP was a "good" company. For the last several years they've been mostly shambolic.

All that being said - I actually think what they are now doing about Autonomy is the right thing - maybe this will mark the beginning of a turn around?  
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Anybody here using TOGAF in conjunction with "more traditional" ITSM approaches (such as ITIL)? I am curious if it is a good use of my time to really study/learn.

My initial thought is that it is something I should learn - I have Googled TOGAF and ITIL and TOGAF and COBIT but there really isn't a whole heck of a lot out there talking about the two - and what is out there is somewhat dated. 

Thoughts? Comments?
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One or more architectural frameworks are essential parts of the toolkit for anyone interested in a holistic approach to managing IT and the services it might deliver. From my own perspective, I have used TOGAF extensively as the background for my book, IT Tools for the Business when the Business is IT, and for various presentations about ITSM tools and value. TOGAF has the advantage of being used by slightly more than 50% of the organizations that claim to use an architecture framework, so if you want to concentrate on one framework, it is not a bad choice. But if your main area of operations has its own framework, such as the U.S. government's, then you might find that one more appropriate.
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Stephen Alexander

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Funny...because there is truth in it. 
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"Do you have any questions to betray your ignorance?" I have to remember that one.
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  • Eagle Alliance
    Quality Manager, 2012 - present
  • Allegis Group
    Process Architect/Owner, 2010 - 2012
  • Allegis Group
    Enterprise Management Technical Lead, 2006 - 2010
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  • MRJ Technologies
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ITSM professional

January 2012 - I joined Eagle Alliance as the Quality Manager for the Architecture and Engineering dept. 

November 2010 - I lead the effort to re engineer the enterprise Change Management process for Allegis Group (a global staffing company with over 7 Billion in annual revenue). 

July 2009 - I lead the effort to replace the ITSM Incident/Request/Problem/Change management tool for Allegis Group. This was not only for the internal operations but for several clients (we provided Service Desk services)

Previously to this I lead several efforts over the years primarily around Enterprise monitoring and alerting efforts.

I have experience with a multitude of ITSM tools, leading teams of engineers, leading technology as well as process projects, and conducting ITIL based assessments. I have lead several CSI efforts with positive results (some not so positive) and have worked hard to introduce the concept of understanding the customer's outcomes as the basis for our targets and goals - and not focusing on our activities as our targets and goals. 

I have several ITIL and ISO 20000 certifications. 

  • Earl Warren High School, Downey California
  • Howard Community College
    Information Systems Management-Office Systems
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