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Always hacking things.
Always hacking things.

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Violeta Nedkova commented on a video on YouTube.
Why is everybody so negative? I mean, first of all, the animation is awesome. Second, listen to the sentiment people and do good! Spread joy and love, not hating vibes. It's #Xmas  and Coca Cola still knows how to make commercials. ;)

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It's PARTY TIME!!! + GIVEAWAYS! -- Courtesy of Life List Club.

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Hey guys! I'm looking for Christmas stories (UK-based) and NaNoWriMo snippets for the Cheeky Collaborations! Join us and win a badge for your site! :)

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Who doesn't like to give back really? It's good for the heart! :)

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Guys, you just have to try it. Sound these with me! :D
Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmyummmmmmmmmm ah!

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I am on a DYSTOPIAN frenzy. So what else is new...

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Best. Movie. Ever. Made.

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I am looking for a girl and a boy for MC's in my sci-fi book!

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Wanna laugh your ass off? See the Google Brain Farts collection. ^_^

Last call for joining that fun blog collab I mentioned last week. :O)
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