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My Little Life Update | 1 and a half years worth!'s been a while! In fact, its been 1 and a half years.. my last post being in December 2014..whoops! Life kinda just got in the way and a hell of a lot has happened: I completed my A-Levels with ABB (not what I was predicted, but it landed me where I...

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A Levels Ruin Christmas!
So, the Christmas Holidays begin tomorrow and I've been looking forward to them for ages. Nick is coming home so I can spend all holiday with him, I'll have money from Christmas to go shopping and I'll be able to go out a lot and have fun...right? Wrong! Sc...

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So today is Monday, and what does Monday Urgh! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love going to school and learning, especially now that I'm doing subjects I enjoy, but when my alarm goes off my heart just sinks. Nobody wants to drag themselves...

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My Little Life Update | Missing Someone
So today I thought I'd write a little impromptu post. I have been home alone this afternoon, as I left school early due to feeling unwell. Whilst I have been at home, I have spent a lot of time thinking and I have mainly been thinking about Nick. As I menti...

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I Have A Problem.
This evening, whilst tidying my cupboard, I decided to tackle my shoe rack. In order to do this, I decided my best course of action was to take all of the shoes out. Now, I haven't done this since I put the shoe rack in 4 years ago and to my delight, but al...

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All I Want For Christmas...
I know its only November, but Christmas is approaching fast...(I mean wasn't it Summer only a couple of days ago?) I thought I would talk about what I want for Christmas. Now, after 16 Christmas', as well as birthdays, I was seriously struggling to ans...

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