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My amazing wife +Jill Taplin is opening a new store in Seattle next month. Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique will cater to, and be a safe place for LGBT and women gamers, comics fans, and cosplayers.

She'd love your support, if its only to spread the word!

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Resharing in case someone happens to follow me and not Rob. It's a long article, but fully worth reading. 

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Wow, this sounds pretty good. I've not seen the original film, though I did have the Viewmaster set as kid.*

*Yup. I'm old.

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This is very good news: the Stranger Things soundtrack + score is excellent.

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Prey for the Gods

I have very recently announced loudly, in public, on more than one occasion, that I would NEVER Kickstart a video game. There are clearly too many x-factors to making a video game; it's a recipe for heartache.

Well...never say never.

This game looks utterly amazing even in it's unfinished form. I'm thinking that gambling $15.00 for the chance to play might be very well worth my while. Kickstarter link below if you are curious:

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I'm eventually going to share my thoughts about this game on my (largely abandoned) blog: but wow. I love everything about this RPG from start to finish.

Elevator pitch: if you love the flavor of Exalted but are annoyed by the fiddly mechanics, you owe it to yourself to check out this game. Although it uses familiar 'OSR' style mechanics, the implementation inspires flavorful, cinematic play.

If you want to see what you are getting yourself into before investing in the Deluxe version of the game, the fully-playable basic version is available for free from the link:

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Great post about what actually constitutes 'Old Skool' play. TLDR: for those of us who played these games when they were new, it was largely what you made of it. 

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Interesting post.

I am also rather over all things 'grimdark' as well. Wonder and exploration, however, seem like things worth exploring more in RPG's.
This'll probably become a blogpost in the future, but I figured I'd get the gist of my thoughts out there first. 

I'm Done with Weird (for now).

'Weirdness' and a general emphasis on 'the Weird' pervades a lot of DIY D&D books and blogs, and I imagine a big swath of the OSR as well. And it's something I don't think I want to follow when it comes to making stuff and running stuff. Not anymore, at least. 

First off, what do I mean by 'Weird'? Like, capital W, in quotes 'Weird'? 

For me, I've always sort of defined it as a mix of horror, heavy metal, and a generous helping of 'the dangerous unknown'. Also a fair amount of reverence (and reference) to H.P. Lovecraft and similar. 

So, I mean, basically most of LotFP, a bunch of DCC, anything inspired by Warhammer, and so on. 

And I love those things. I want that to be clear. LotFP especially is my favourite game company, putting out the best made books and supporting some of the best writers and designers in the industry. I like writing and reading Weird RPG stuff, and I've generally got nothing but praise for people who're doing likewise. 

I'm just kinda tired of it. I want something different. 

I feel like a lot of RPG writing is good at evoking disgust, or unease, or grimness. I'm really done with grim. I'm tired of it. Gore and viscera don't evoke horror for me anymore, and I'm also kinda tired seeing them played for black comedy as well.  

On the other hand, I don't want lighter fare that tries to go for 'Awesome' as well. I feel like that's just as bad, for different reasons. 

When I played 4e, 'awesome' was a word that got thrown around a lot. Empowerment was 'awesome', power fantasies were 'awesome', being a badass was 'awesome'. It's dumb. It's a type of play that I don't have any interest in any more, and I don't value it in D&D. 

What I think I want (and want to write) is wonder. That's something I haven't really experienced with RPG's yet. I want awe, not 'awesome'. I want exploration without the constant threat of death that sometimes stifles such urges. I want discoveries, but without them going back to just how much more powerful they can make me as a player. I want to encounter monsters that are scary and unnatural, but not disgusting or twisted. 

I also want more 'aww' in my RPG's. Like, stupidly adorable shit. More cute and cartoonish things in general, but without being cloying or juvenile. I want players to hesitate before stabbing a kawaii little monster because it's too cute, and then have it try to eat the player's face off. 

"You know that doesn't contradict what 'Weird' is supposed to be, right? You can have all that already" Doesn't it? If it does I haven't seen it in action yet. Even still, I want to write things and make things that stand apart. Even if they have things in common with 'Weird' thematically, I want to make things with a different tone. I want more Miyazaki, less Lovecraft. More Akira Toriyama, less Jack Vance. I like both, but want more of the other. 

"Fine, but how is that gameable?" I dunno. I figure there's a way to incorporate themes of wonder into game mechanics as well as just tone, but I don't think I have it figured out yet. 

Someone's probably already figured it out, and I've just never played it because I don't know about it. 
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