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Taking a hiatus!
   This will be my last blog post for a while.    Over the last few weeks or so I have discovered I haven’t
had much time or energy to craft and keep up with the blog.    I started this blog on June 27, 2013 ; and since then I have
published a post every si...

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Happy Caturday!
   It wouldn't be a Saturday without a blog post about cats. Happy Caturday!

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Four things I've learned in family tree research
   I spent some time with family recently and used some of that
time to go through old family photos.    Looking at those photos was like a walk down memory lane. It
has inspired me to revisit my family tree research.    I am an amateur at family tree resea...

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Is your pet peeve a list of pet peeves?
   Do any of you have any pet peeves? Something, or some
things, that can get under your skin or aggravate you?    Since I don’t have any crafts or handmade jewelry to show
you today I decided to share a list of my pet peeves…or minor annoyances. I
just hop...

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Button and wire rings
   I couldn’t help myself…I dug back into my button stash to
make some jewelry.    This time I made rings. These ended up being really fun and
easy to make. I pulled out some of the larger decorative buttons and some
16-gauge wire and went to work.    I sli...

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A taxing day
   I hope everyone made it through Tax Day!

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A charming way to identify your cocktail glass
   Make sure you know which cocktail glass is yours with
handmade glass charms.    I like making these , but I’ve ended up having way more than
necessary. Especially since I already had so many store-bought glass charms.

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A few Easter memories
   Today is Palm Sunday . Next week is Easter. This fact has me
taking a walk down memory lane.    I have a twin sister. It probably goes without saying that
we used to be dressed alike when we were kids; and that included Easter
dresses.    I remember it u...

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Caturday: Then and Now
   I’m showing off my kitties today.    My three indoor kitties – Wolfie, Beau and Zuzu – definitely
keep things interesting around the house. They are sometimes referred to as the
triplet hurricanes. They turn five years old this month. Below are some phot...

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Decorative buttons make eye-catching bracelets
   I decided to spend one more day making button jewelry.    I made more wire-wrapped cuff bracelets, using buttons as
centerpieces. Now that these are finished, I think I’m ready to move on to
something else. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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