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Hotbodeez Tanning Level 5 bed, is one of the most popular tanning beds around! The UV shields on both the front and end of the tanning bed, hold in ALL of the UV light which results in such a nice Golden Tan! :-) Hotbodeez North end location + the 11 other locations will be open until 4pm today!

Come on down to Hotbodeez North End Salon and don't let this Rainy weather hold you back;-) Perfect packages for the summertime and prom season!

Packages starting at $14.95 a month! :-)

Come into HOT BODEEZ and sign up for the Exclusive membership :)

Knockout Deal is $14.95 a/ month, cant go anywhere else for lesss! :)

Stop by HOT BODEEZ NORTH and ask about the Knockout Deal * 14.95 a month. or our EXCLUSIVE, $29.99 unlimited, comes with $500 worth of promotions, plus free upgrades every month!

Come into HOT BODEEZ Tonight!! Sign up for the Exclusive membership! Unlimited tanning & Free beauty angel, upgrades, and teeth whitening. Cant get it anywhere else for less!


GTL** who needs the Gym when you can use the Beauty Angel for free! Tan for Free, AND I'll even do your laundry for you! ... FOR FREEE! If you sign up for the EXCLUSIVE :) Come into North today and check out how we can hook you up.

Ask us about our KNOCKOUT Special! $14.95/ mo is an easy price to pay to look bronzed and beautiful ;) Come into HOT BODEEZ and ask about the deals we have to best suit you! <3
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