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"Managing Containers at Scale with CoreOS and Kubernetes" by Kelsey Hightower at #phillyete

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+Patrick Rice Need I say more..

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And now I guess I know... I'll still complain about it though.

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Highly cropped street shots using the Fuji x100s.  

#streetphotography   #x100s   #googleplusfilters  
x100s Street Photos
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Helpful adb dump for developing with AlarmManager.  Would be nice to have a filtering command as grep leaves lines (like the "when=" clause) out.
#AndroidDev #Protip

Troubleshooting app bugs related to scheduled tasks (i.e. using AlarmManager) can be tricky and sometimes downright frustrating. Two awesome tools for troubleshooting are adb shell dumpsys alarm and adb shell dumpsys activity intents. With these two commands, you can easily find which alarms are currently scheduled and which have gone off.

For example, to find which alarms for your app are scheduled, run 'adb shell dumpsys alarm', look for your package name, and you'll see something like this:

  RTC #6: Alarm{434a1378 type 1 com.example}
    type=1 whenElapsed=608198149 when=+52m27s736ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
    operation=PendingIntent{430cf620: PendingIntentRecord{*43bbf998* com.example startService}}

That shows that an alarm in your package is scheduled to go off in ~52 minutes. To find out information about the intent, i.e. which service is being started, run 'adb shell dumpsys activity intents' and look for the PendingIntentRecord's id (in the case above, 43bbf998):

  * PendingIntentRecord{43bbf998 com.example startService}
    uid=10138 packageName=com.example type=startService flags=0x0
    requestIntent=act=MY_ACTION cmp=com.example/.MyService (has extras)

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Newly updated for the sold out 2014 conference.  

If you're one of the lucky ones you want this app!

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