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Pamilerin Abiodun Osunkoya commented on a post on Blogger.
Yippee!!! So happy to hear this.
I will suggest you talk about: 
1. Skincare & Personal Care
2. Educate listeners on the benefit of Social Media
3. Talk about the creative Industry/ New Media
4. Do a review of brands etc
5. Naija Fashion trends

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Happy New month All, looking forward to explore cool spots in Nigeria. Any suggestion please?

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Pamilerin Abiodun Osunkoya commented on a post on Blogger.
Happy BDAY Dee. Wish you many more years. The Lord shall supply all your needs according to his riches.

Looking forward to the election results......

I was amazed this morning when i receive some messages on my phone about some payment and your responses.

I also got the same messages but I disregarded it, only to discover that the fraudster used my mail.

Kindly dis-regard this mail because it did not originate from me, I discover my account was hacked and I am making efforts to fix it.

See the Fraudulent Message Below:

Dear Sir/Madam,

In line with our previous email we apologize for delay for the delay in releasing your payment.The balance
has been transferred into your account as instructed by our customer and attached to this email is the payment records for your confirmation.Kindly verify and revert as soon as possible.

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Another Sweet offers frm A to Z Spa girls.

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Press Release- Relevant
Nigeria   Career, Business
and Governance (Leadership) stand key subject matters worth any nation’s
consideration at any point in time, because they are what count for relevance
over time. Under these core focus lies every other issu...

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Love Without Borders! Seyifunmi & Nsima's Pre-wedding Photos.
This got me shedding silly sweet tears early today after reading their story this morning but belle sweet me sha. The love birds are from different cultural background and religion but they found common ground in love and God. The interesting pre-wedding ph...
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