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#chemistry humor...
This dog is hilarious
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Shout out to +Paleo Magazine for giving me this cool badge for my website! 'Bout time I got SOMETHING for having to deal with +Tony Fed every month LMFAO!
 +Paleo Magazine 
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A Gym Chat Hangout I was part of with +Josh Hewett talking about all things Paleo - from the most basic to the most advanced and esoteric aspects. Definitely worth a watch...
I strongly suggest you check out this Gym Chat on the Pillars of Paleo, EVEN IF you are not a 'fan' of Paleo. This discussion goes beyond the typical Paleo "caveman" diet that has become popular today, and gets into the benefits of listening to your body, eating food that supports your health and your own individual biochemistry; choosing movement and exercise that not only improves performance but also longevity; and how to manage stress and improve sleep.  

We also touch on the concept of "spirituality" and what it means to different people. This doesn't have to be something "far out" and magical or religious...  maybe it's more about choosing a lifestyle that you uplifts you and doing something meaningful that you're passionate about.

Great info and suggestions for living a long, healthy, powerful life.
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I'll be talking Paleo as a Gym Chat guest this coming Monday with host +Josh Hewett Be sure and check it out!
In this Gym Chat I welcome back Adam Farrah to the show, the author of “The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link“.  Once again we will be discussing nutrition and getting a little more in depth into the practical application of the Paleo approach to eating, why it makes sense and how it can help you improve your health and your physique.

Adam has been working with Paleo and Evolutionary approaches to health and living since 2004 when his health collapsed – seemingly “randomly” and “inexplicably.” As a former biotech scientist with an education in chemistry, random and inexplicable wasn’t going to suffice. The journey had begun. Years of voracious reading, research and trial and error led him back to health and to a new life based on Paleo eating and living. An early blogger and writer in the Paleo niche, he blogs at

Adam’s experience includes:

• B.S. in Chemistry Cum Laude from The University of Connecticut 
• IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher – Level 1 
• Apprentice Grappling Instructor under Harris International 
• Kettlebell and CrossFit Coach since 2008 
• Paleo and Ancestral eating since 2005 

Adam and his blog were also central to the “Strong is the New Skinny” meme spreading on Facebook.



All Gym Chats interviews are recorded and made available for you to view after the HangOut either on Google+ or YouTube. To watch the other Gym Chats videos and get notified of future Chats, be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel at:

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Hi, I was on a webinar with Clay about a month ago and have been considering LeadPages since. At the time, the price for the basic package was $197 for a year. It looks like it's gone up since then or that was just a special offer for attending the webinar. Any chance I can still get it at that price? Thanks!

I've been doing a lot of dips here in my home gym. I have a nice parallel bar dip station. I want to really progress on dips and wanted some opinions on rep and progression schemes,

My current goal is 20 reps with body weight (180lbs or there about) but that was just an arbitrary landmark. It could have just as easily been 5 sets of 5 with a 16kg Kettlebell on a dip belt or some max number of reps with a 45lb plate, etc.

What are your thoughts on progressing on these types of exercises and best rep ranges?


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It was a great time! +Zach Even - Esh is always full of wisdom and personality.
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What do you guys think are reasonable goals for weighted parallel bar dips? My body weight is around 180lbs right now and I want set both 3 month and one year goals for my dips.

What are some rep ranges and weights that are being used? I have no idea what's even reasonable to expect. It's not like, say, a squat or bench press where a certain number tells you a lot about the trainee.

If we spent most of our evolution in a Paleo environment then all of our systems are evolved to function best in that environment, not just the digestive system that we focus on primarily in the Paleo community. If you believe that Paleo is the way to eat because the majority of our evolution was spent eating Paleo foods, you need to at least take a look at the idea that the majority of our evolution was spent in present-moment awareness, without the worries and interruptions and technical problems we began to face as society became more complex.

Full presence in the moment was the natural state of our ancestors. We should strive to emulate it as much as possible in our modern Paleo lifestyle.
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Wow. That's really cool...
Street art in Chita, Russia,
by ChemiS.
Photo by ChemiS.
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