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Bernard Cadeliña
Hi! There, I am a licensed Real Estate Broker and Architect in the Philippines and Currently working as Freelance Architect
Hi! There, I am a licensed Real Estate Broker and Architect in the Philippines and Currently working as Freelance Architect


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House for People with Extraordinary Needs
Good news to all people who are in their retirement age, or should I say, to people with special needs/disability!!!  A newly designed house perfect for your needs is up your hands now!   Folks, you may be a retiring person or somewhat with disability that ...

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Five-Bedroom Two Storey House in Colinas Verdes
I believe the saying, “A family that lives together, stays forever”. Yeah, and it will! It’s a dream come true for every one of us if we find a dream house that satisfies to what we have envisioned.  It is important that a house we love to live is those tha...

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Four Bedrooms Bungalow House in Tarlac City
Does this dream house design looks familiar to you?  If you take a look back my old blog entitled  Post modern House 2  and  Post modern house 2 updates , this can
be seen there. T his time, it has four bedrooms residential house to be built in Tarlac

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Two-Storey House in Hills of Maia Alta, Antipolo City
Hi there! Are you looking for some two-storey house design
that meets your aesthetic taste? Or maybe you are just browsing the net
gathering and looking for a design idea for your future dream house? Then, you
have browsed just the right site. Here's the fi...

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Two Bedroom Bungalow house
Simplicity is beauty or shall we say there’s a
beauty in simplicity. But how about elegance, Is there elegance in simplicity?
That question crosses to the mind of the designer of this small bungalow house
before he design this one storey bungalow house, and...

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Modern Contemporary House in Antipolo City
Understanding Architectural design will be nothing without its basic elements like lines, shape, colour and texture. They are combined to make formal compositions in an architectural design, creating pattern, rhythm, symmetry, balance, contrast, proportion,...

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Four-Bedroom Two Storey House
Every one of us, find a dream house
that is a resting place for the family and one that gives an advantage of
building a stronger family ties.  Like the
other house design in this blogsite, this four bedrooms and two-storey type of
house contribute satisfac...

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Two-Storey House in Caloocan City
Did you hear this saying "Home is where the heart is" ? This is a common feeling of being "Pinoy"  where we have an attachment to every home we grown-up. This house will do just that for you. The ground floor area of this house is one open breathing space t...

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Two-Storey Mediterranean House in Palawan
Folks, did you still remember my old post entitled Mediterranean House ? I hope you do.  This was picked by one of my clients as his dream house.  However, this time my client suggested for a bit revision of the design by detaching the garage from the house...

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Mini-Resort and Apartment
Hey folks, the heat of summer are still on, isn't it? Everyone, if not most of us would want to escape from the city's annoying atmosphere to relax with our friends, family or love ones. Some would go to the beach, mountains with refreshing water falls to c...
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