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Jennifer Tham
If you like coffee and roller coasters, we can be best friends!
If you like coffee and roller coasters, we can be best friends!

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Porto Photo Diary
Bom dia! Hopped on the train in Lisbon and 4 hours later, we arrived at this lovely place, which is now my second favourite city after Paris. While you're here, there's one crucial word that you need to know -  Bacalhau  It means cod fish. The hostel  we st...

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A Better Florist – The Only Place to Shop for Flowers
Is there anything about flowers that’s not likeable? The tantalizing fragrance, the magical beauty of every single bloom, the way that florists arrange them into beautiful floral creations, the freshness and vibrancy of the petals… I could go on for days! I...

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Madrid Photo Diary
Sorry that I've taken some time to be on my own. So happy to be back to where i belong. I'm getting back on my feet. xx I know, i know. This took way too long but i always think it's better late than never. Second leg of our Euro trip last year was Madrid ....

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Bread Street Kitchen by Gordan Ramsay Singapore
A day without laughter good food is a day wasted. Situated at the luxury shopping heaven Marina Bay Sands,  this place exudes an old yet fashionable ambiance with the combination of vintage and modern decors. "Bread Street Kitchen is about fun, tapping into...

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Amsterdam - 10 Things to Do in Amsterdam
Please refrain from laughing at my mama pants, I realised that I only had a pair of jeans  that I have been wearing since.. 4 years ago right before the trip.  Despite my totally unrelated opening, I bet you could tell what this post is about looking at the...

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Yangon Photo Diary
I have mixed feeling for Yangon. This city is filled with decaying buildings which made it beautiful. Within the poor community, I see survival. People selling anything they could think of on the street; A bucket of burning coal, food in hot oil, voila ! Yo...

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Jou Morie Clothing
I might have pulled a resting bitch face but my love for this brand is never gonna change. So cheesy. Anyway, before I start talking about this clothing brand which I think everybody should check out, here's a story of this dedicated person who I admire. Me...

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G Hotel Gurney Makeover | Duplex Room
Pretentious caption: Life is a dash. Pause in the present, enjoy this moment. Honest caption: Should've turned the yellow light off. Anyway, The reputable G Hotel Gurney has gone through a RM35million facelift, bringing your staycation and business trip to ...

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Singapore | What You Can Do When You're Alone: Sentosa!
Sorry for this long overdue post, had been busy packing as I made a rather big(quite I think)  decision of my life so here's an important announcement: I have moved to Singapore! So, more reason to blog about Singapore now lol. Anyway, that's not what this ...

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Miam Miam Gurney Paragon - New Menu!
Laugh laugh laugh until almost spilled my spaghetti. Back at this French-Japanese-themed restaurant which name translated into yummy in French a year later to try their new menu that was launched in July! Read my last review here
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