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Savannah Largent
I am a crafty Mom with a glue stick, crayons,recyclables, and an imagination.
I am a crafty Mom with a glue stick, crayons,recyclables, and an imagination.

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125 Crafts in 152 Days-Mommy & Toddler
Such a fantastic journey this has been. This was such a great way to spend time together and I loved when my husband was able to be there too! Not only did Carter learn so very much, I did too. I quickly realized in order for this challenge to work, we woul...

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Craft #125-Day 152-Button Cards
The LAST craft of our crafting challenge!!! 125 crafts in 152 days!!! To celebrate, I decorated Carter's kitchen chair with streamers and we set out some of the crafts from the challenge. What an amazing 5 months it has been. The most amazing thing from thi...

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Craft #124-Day 151-Button Ornaments
Craft #2-Final Crafting Countdown!!! It is kind of hard to believe we only have one craft left to complete after this one. Wow. So here it goes....Carter searched through the button tin for black, white and brown buttons. I didn't realize how low my pipe cl...

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Craft #123-Day 150-Heart-In-Hand Cookies
#3 Craft of the Final Crafting Countdown! Another baking craft....I knew Carter would be excited for this one! First step was to make a basic sugar cookie dough. Carter helped add and mix all of the ingredients together. He even got to use the hand mixer! H...

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Craft #122-Day 149-Felt Pins And Barrettes
The Final Crafting Countdown-#4! After a fun play date, we came back to the house ready for some lunch and our next project. I had a ton of bobby pins left over from a past project that we could use for this craft. I brought out the scraps of felt and we de...

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Craft #120-Day 144-Chocolate Fudge
Super excited to do this activity! I may not enjoy cooking, however I do like to bake every now and again. We decided to make not just fudge....we made fudgy brownies! I liked this recipe because it did not have a stove involved.This way Carter could help,c...

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Craft #119-Day 143-Matchbox Gifts
Adorable mini-size presents! We had the perfect people in mind to give this to as a, "Thank-you" gift. We used a small cardboard jewelry box in place of the matchbox. I dragged out the infamous, ever expanding baggie of paper scraps for Carter to search thr...

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Craft #118-Day 141-Gumdrop Lollipops
So the last time we used gumdrops for one of these was a big mistake. All Carter wanted to do was eat them. So I mixed it up this time to avoid the meltdown and eliminate as many "no's" as possible. Rummaging through the refrigerator, I found ...

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Craft #117-Day 141-Snowmen Candy Bars
Super easy holiday party favors! We had a candy bar already that was wrapped in white paper. Carter thought it was great that he got to press his fingertips in the black stamp ink. I helped him with the placement of the dots for the face.I drew on an orange...

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Craft #116-Day 140-Ghoulish Goodies
This is such a cute way to dress up the candy given away during Halloween! Carter was all about making these bats, ghosts and there was no changing this theme! Instead of just using card stock we put those toilet paper rolls to good use. Car...
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