Good.  The carriers are smart to reject this.  It sounds like lawmakers trying to regulate something they don't understand.

Take this gem:

"CTIA also said it supported legislation by Senator Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat from New York, which proposed to make it a federal crime to modify cellphones to circumvent the stolen-cellphone database."

Mr. Schumer probably doesn't even know of Cyanogenmod, etc.  Would those ROMs be illegal if they don't include the probably-not-open-source "anti-theft" apps?


If anything, block the IMEI at the towers and make it hard to change the IMEI/etc, but don't require software running on the device.  That's just terrible design.

Anybody stealing a phone is committing a crime... they have no qualms committing another crime and flashing a device image without your dumb anti-theft app which probably wastes RAM and battery anyway.
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