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A Life Well Played - 90 Day Challenges
A Life Well Played - 90 Day Challenges


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The loyal #love of a #lab #doglife - 7 Reasons #Labrador Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever. 🐶
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Everything is Figure-Out-Able :)
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Dog hugs.  It makes sense that its a natural thing to do, no expectations involved.  It's another good lesson I've gotten from my dogs to apply to other areas of my life. 

Hugs do make me feel good.  You?
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Liver Cleanse.  Posting so I can remember the recipe.

2013 has already been a cleansing year for me.  One habit at a time.
What I think. What I eat.  What I spend. What make. Who I spend my time with.  The choices I consciously make.  And the habits they form.
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Interesting.  I thought about me 10 years ago and me now.  Very different.  The concept does make me take my mind to making it a really awesome change over the next 10 years!

Just last night was invited to attend a TEDxMauiSalon session 10 days before TEDxMaui.  Sooooo inspiring.  Jan 13 I'm looking forward to.  So many of my new peer group here in Maui went last year and honestly did make big sweeping changes and start the project of their life in this last year.
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Wow.  The health care of even our pets is being dictated by pharmaceuticals and greed.  It's not about keeping our pets healthy, it's about making sure they have to keep coming back for more treatment as well as on drugs they'll never get off of.

So sad.  Interesting how the "vote" gets slid in without anyone knowing about it until the last minute.  Free country?  Not even for the choices of our pets health care anymore...
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Chamomile, cayenne, turmeric, water, manuka honey.  It's being called a flu buster but I think it should be used as an immune system builder. 
And by the way, a shot of this over your dog's food is an awesome thing for them too!
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And Happy New Year!

As 2012 ends and 2013 begins I have much to be grateful for.  My health, my friends, my family, my dogs, my home in Maui to list a few. 

Read this today and plan to commit to these things in 2013.
1) Be the change
2) What you think you become
3) Where there is love there is life
4) Learn as if you'll live forever
5) Your health is your real wealth
6) Have a sense of humor
7) Your life is your message
8) Actions express priorities
9) Our greatness is being able to remake ourselves
10) Find yourself in the service of others
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This year I got a letter from Santa. It went something like this...

"Dear Resident or Current Occupant:

What if we could give the world community the gift of peace this year? It we could, would you be one of my elves?"

Initially I though Santa was a political campaign looking for contributions, but as I read further I discovered it was something completely different.

"What if you stepped out your door and the first person you saw, and everybody after that you saw a smile and heard a welcoming "Aloha"? Wouldn't that make your day, perhaps even your year?"

I was intrigued and read on...

"It's a crowded world filled with the struggles of living and challenges of meeting the needs of a world lacking in healthy food, clean air and safe water. But we still have each other. What's not important is the newest electronics, most expensive car or how many presents are piled under the tree. I think we can all agree on that."

Santa was right. We're so deeply engaged in a mad world where we've forgotten that doing something as simple as sharing a smile with someone you don't know or helping someone in need, or spending time with loved ones is more meaningful now than ever before.

"You can be one of my elves this Christmas fairly easy. First, if you must buy gifts, buy local. If you can afford to help those in need, please do generously. If you are a landlord and you can survive with less, give your tenants a month free. If you're a mortgage company, why not forgive one months payment for those homeowners in need. If you're a service and you can have one day where you work for your customers at no charge, why not. When you're out there mowing your lawn, mow the neighbors too. When someone is struggling to find change in line at the store, have change ready. Don't expect monthly bills on time this season, and don't penalize people for being late. Say Aloha to everyone your see. Give the gift of love and kindness this Christmas. There's no better time to start then today. Oh, and please don't hide the elves, they need to be out in the open where everyone can see them."

I get it, be vigilant for opportunities for random kindness. Give more than you receive. Share and welcome and Aloha... be open to happiness and do something remarkable for those in your community.

"It's a circle you see..." Santa said. "we've got to think outside this box we call an economy and change the equation to something less like greed and more like kindness, generosity and understanding."

I have always liked Santa Claus but until this moment, I never thought he needed anything. I thought he only gave presents away and never needed one himself. Yet here he was asking for help and I thought to myself, we must answer that call for the years and years Santa has been there unselfishly for us all. Isn't it time we showed Santa we could sacrifice greed for something better?

Santa's letter was short but meaningful and he closed it with this last passage:

"For me it's been a life of giving and I'm grateful for the opportunity to make people smile all over the world, even if for only one day. Now it's your turn to reach out and accomplish something great every day, from this day forward. I'm counting on all my elves to smartly go forth and make the dream of a better world a reality. It's starts with an Army of elves doing random acts of kindness and blossoms into a movement and overruns the economic stumbling blocks that the naysayers will put in your way. Fear not and lean forward, do the right thing and forget the so-called societal norms or cultural conditioning and do something remarkable. You'll be glad we did. Aloha"

If you didn't get a copy in your inbox, please copy and paste the one above to share with your community, network, friends and family. And be the best elf you can be!
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