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Kimberly Hodson
You can do hard things.
You can do hard things.


I might be opening up, but some days I would prefer to stay shut out from the going ons around me. I think almost everyone wants to be themselves, though many don't realize it. For some people it's just too hard to risk rejection or being looked down upon. I believe everyone can attest to the fact that at some point or another, maybe multiple times, you've thought of yourself as worthless, or not deserving. I wish that I could somehow get out of a slump like this myself. "BE WHO YOU WANT YO BE, AND BE AROUND THOSE WHO WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT!" -Kimberly
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My job: Going around, listening to people talk to me and trying my best to decipher what they are attempting to tell me. I hope to interpret it right, but their words + body language + facial expressions can send a message contrary to the one they were trying to send. It's a tough job, and not many people take it seriously, but it's a way of life. (For everyone)
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