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Is your government rich enough to skip on diabetes prevention programs?
one medical disorder that has increased significantly over the past three
decades is type 2 diabetes. In 2014, diabetes statistics reveal that there were
close to 422 million people living on this planet with the disorder. These
numbers are gross undere...

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Evolution and Diet: We now eat more; but less variety
In 2016, nearly 30-50 percent of the
world is obese and the numbers are rising fast. In fact, nearly 20% of children
in the USA are overweight and many even have type 2 diabetes. In Africa, a
continent that has always faced famine and hunger, many countries...

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Causes and Symptoms
Over the past
few decades, deficiency of vitamin D has become well recognized all over the
globe. Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that at
least 50% of the general population has varying degrees of vitamin D
deficiency. In addi...

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Early Disease Detection Key to Good Health
The most important aspect of protecting and
preserving our good health is by early detection of disease. Discovering a
disease in its early stages greatly increases the opportunity to reverse, stop
or treat the damage and regain our health. 
Rapid advances ...

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