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The dogs, the cats, and the woodpecker
I’d love to blame the first part of this story on the neighbor’s cats, an expansive colony of about 12 now, but really, I have no evidence to implicate them. I have one cat who is not satisfied as a house cat, so I occasionally let him out. He’s neutered an...

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The time the guy screamed at your grandmother
Last night, I met up with a group of 40 other NJ Congressional District 4 constituents, and we delivered a petition with 800+ signatures to Congressman Chris Smith's office in Freehold, requesting that he host a town hall meeting soon -- it turns out, he ha...

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Lady Balls
Jason and I had a little disagreement this weekend and that has me bummed out. It will be fine, but I wish relationships were easier. So, I’ve been preoccupied. Which makes me feel guilty because I have a kid, and he’s my real focus. I thought maybe Matthew...

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A visit from the past, and an election
I knew I wanted to write when I grew up. My plan was to write under a pseudonym — a man’s name because it seemed to me women were not taken seriously, and I wanted to be taken seriously. It seemed like a straightforward idea as an 8-year-old, and, proud of ...

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I'm totally reasonable
I’d like to write more, and I’d love it to be snarky and lighthearted, but sometimes there’s a helicopter right over your house, and your kid wonders why it’s so close, and the next morning, you find out a lovely 22-year-old girl was killed by a drug buyer,...

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There is so much information available, for every undertaking
imaginable. I am a curious person and read a lot, yet I find myself
again and again in situations I could have never anticipated; but — and
this is a small consolation — I’m pretty sure no one...

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Saturday of Poo
I'm still exhausted from Easter, as well as some of the ill-fated projects I took on in the days after the holiday. I had hoped to scrape the peeling paint off my front railings and prime and paint them, but it was a huge undertaking just to trim the hedges...

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I may never host a holiday again. When faced with the choice of moving an extra table back down to the basement and then doing the dishes, which were overflowing out of the sink, I chose to sit with my son on the couch, who was playing a collaborative game ...

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Easter 2016
It's been awhile. I know. I've been busy, mostly in a good way. I bought a house in Hamilton. I know. I know. Hamilton! Of all the places! I love my house, though, despite its age, and the work I know I'll have to do, as well as the surprises yet to come. A...
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