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Brian Bouchard
President of the Pejepscot Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society and on the MGS Board of Directors
President of the Pejepscot Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society and on the MGS Board of Directors

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Ayla Bell Reynolds has been missing Since 12/16/2011 From Waterville, Maine. She is a 20 month old and last seen wearing a green one-piece pajama with polkadots and the words "Daddy's Princess" written on them. She is 2 feet, 9 inches tall, and weighs approximately 30 pounds. Ayla's left arm is in a sling and soft splint. She has short, thin blonde hair and blue eyes. Any individual with information regarding Ayla's whereabouts is asked to call the Waterville Police Department at 207-680-4700 Police are looking for a toddler who vanished from her bed sometime late Friday or early Saturday, and say it's possible she was abducted. 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds, wearing a soft cast from a broken arm, was last seen sleeping in her bed at about 8 p.m. Friday. Her father reported her missing Saturday at 8:51 a.m. when he found an empty bed.

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Brian Francis Wallace (1948-1967) in one of 27 men listed on the Vietnam Wall having died on 8-15-1967. he was from New York, NY. Rank SP4 in the Army. He died in South Vietnam, Quang Tin Province during battle, and is buried in Beverly National Cemetery in Beverly New Jersey.

Why am I telling you this? Is it because it's Veteran's Day here in the U.S.? That's as good a reason as any I suppose, but the truth is. When you are named for a fallen soldier, a fallen friend... every day is Veteran's Day.

There honestly is not a single day that goes by without me taking some time to think about this "man" (really he was just a boy when he left for War), but on this day in particular I find myself wanting to know more about this friend of my father and the impact he had on his fellow soldiers when, as the story goes, he saved a number of other men by sacrificing his own safety for the rest of his comrades.

Thank You, Brian. You are remembered this day, and every day everytime I hear your name.

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Welcome new Google+ users!

Experienced +ers, please share this to help out the newbies!

■ A wonderful Startup Guide to Google+ by +Saidur Hossain that has already been translated into 31 languages. This consists of 49 photos/slides that describe how to use the service. It has been shared more than 10,000 times on Google+. **

Google Plus 101: How to Get Started (good blog post for beginngers by Rana Shahbaz): **

The Google+ Guide created collaboratively by users in Google Docs: **

Millions of new users will be joining Google+ in the coming days. The doors are finally open. Google's home page invites everyone (over age 18) to try this service out. But for a new user, whether you have a "best thing since sliced bread" experience or a "ghost town" experience, depends on learning a few simple things and applying them.

Early Google+ users remember how fun it was to discover new features, shortcuts, and tips, and share them with each other. At one point, 120 users collaborated and compiled a Google doc that contained the best tips. There is a link to it below.

Here are some additional resources that about getting started on Google+. Some of them may be slightly out of date because Google+ is evolving and improving so quickly, but I've just reviewed them all to make sure they are still valuable - and they are. Hope they are helpful to you and all your new friends here.

■ The Complete Google+ Cheat Sheet:

■ Smaller Cheatsheet for navigation and editing:

■ Mashable's Complete Guide to Google+ (July 16):

+Craig Kanalley's 15 Tips for Newbies (July 13):

+Keith Barrett 10 Tips for Public Hangouts (Sept. 3):

And finally, here is a run-down by of the major updates that Google+ made to its hangouts yesterday:

More links to additional resources are provided by +Johnathan Chung at

Finally, if you try Google+ and feel skeptical at first, please follow +Tom Anderson who has the best posts nearly every day here on Google+, and also read this excellent article that he wrote for TheNextWeb entitled "How Google+ will succeed and why you'll use it whether you want to or not." (Tom founded MySpace and as guru +Robert Scoble says, "he gets social at a level even I can't approach.")

Google+ is here to stay. It will be a permanent social layer on top of Google's other web properties which are already used by one billion people each month.

By investing a little time and effort to set up and organize your circles and to install Google+ apps on your smart phone, you will soon find that Google+ empowers you to personalize your stream and your sharing like never before.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Please add a comment below if I'm missing a very helpful resource for beginners.

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L.L.Bean on the cutting edge of technology?,2817,2391194,00.asp

Saturday, September 30, 7:30 pm. America is playing at L.L.Bean Discovery Park as part of their 40th anniversary tour. Might have to take a few minutes for that one.
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