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André Scholten
Google Analytics (Premium), Google Tag Manager, SEO and Site Speed specialist, got a question?
Google Analytics (Premium), Google Tag Manager, SEO and Site Speed specialist, got a question?

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Seeing a lot of payment providers getting all revenue in Google Analytics? Fix it now!

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What is the impact of the new Bot Exclude feature Google Analytics launched? Let's have a look.

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My advice: turn it on for all your main profiles
Introducing Bot and Spider Filtering

Many of you have shared with us that it’s hard to identify the real traffic that comes to your pages. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that we’re adding bot and spider filtering. 

You can simply select a new checkbox option which would be included in the view level of the management user interface. This option would be labeled "Exclude traffic from known bots and spiders". Selecting this option will exclude all hits that come from bots and spiders on the IAB know bots and spiders list. The backend will exclude hits matching the User Agents named in the list as though they were subject to a profile filter. This will allow you to identify the real number of visitors that are coming to your site. 

Nestlé has been testing it and has found great benefit:  

“The Bot filter solution is essential for getting deeper insights. View level availability let us stay fully aligned with Best Practices provided to all site owners. Very easy to use, understand and communicate across thousands of Google Analytics users.”
-  Katarzyna Malik, Nestlé Google Analytics Specialist

Happy Analyzing!

Posted by Matthew Anderson, Google Analytics Team

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Want to know how to create a nice dashboard with sparklines based on Google Analytics data?

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Tips voor het sneller maken van je site!

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New blogpost by me about connecting Google Analytics Universal to the Visual Website Optimizer

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Heerlijk dat thuis werken ;)

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Are you sure your site has a good link structure? Test it!
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