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The Real Military Wives of Blogland
HI! I'm Theresa. I like to introduce myself as a Devil Pup (My Dad is a U.S. Marine) by birth and a Navy wife by marriage. I'm a Soon-to-be-Mom of a little boy and am an adoptive mother to my fur-child Sophie. I compare my and my Husbands relationship to Ro...

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If you haven't guessed as to why this post is called 'Finally!' here's a hint:  I finally received the replacement charging cord for my computer! Which means I am back in business, the blog business that is. I'm am so eager to post that I just had to post t...

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Train Rides and Redecoration
Yesterday was my youngest cousins 8th birthday and she had chosen to celebrate at the one, the only, Tom's Farm!  Tom's Farm is a Southern California family fun destination. They opened back in 1971 as just a produce stand and have grown quite a bit since t...

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Waffles PB & J Style
Being pregnant I get hungry a lot. I eat 3 meals a day, multiple snacks, and drink plenty of water but still my stomach rumbles. For weeks I have been trying to find something that will hold me over for longer than 45 mins. Now, waffles with peanut butter a...

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Our Road Trip (Part 1)
Way back in late December of 2013, the Mr. and I left sunny Southern California for the cold, pine covered state of Washington. Why you ask? It's where my In-Laws live! I was unfortunate enough to not have met them before Mr. and I married due to distance a...

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The Blogging Life
Being new to the blogging scene, at least for me, has been very overwhelming. Though there are a lot of resources out there to help the start up process (which I am so grateful for) It's all the choices and decisions that's the difficult part.   Blogging to...

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Anchors Aweigh!
By now you all know that my husband is going out to sea again for three weeks. The other day he had asked me, "how is this so easy for you?" I was a bit shocked by his inquiry. That he actually thought that it's easy for me having to say goodbye over and ov...

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My Fur Baby!!
Dogs are like people, they are all different and they all have their own personality. Some are very laid back and defiant while others are active and loyal. My pup Sophie falls under her own personality category, she's a Sophie. You are probably wondering w...

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Babies, Blinds, and Underway?
Yesterday I was leaving the house to run some errands and much to my surprise sitting just outside my door was a rather LARGE package. Contained in the package was a mixture of baby things my grandmother from up north had sent down for our baby shower, A bu...

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First and Foremost . . .
First of all I’d like
to say “Hello! Welcome to my blog!” as you can tell this is my very first blog
post, it’s very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Any ways let’s get
to it.  I’m Theresa, a 20 year old Navy wife, mom-to-be,
and a fur mommy to ...
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