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Coach Alexeyeva Smith
Lives in Huntington Beach, CA


Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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Hi friends, if you feel so inclined, please add my other profile to your circles. I will certainly be adding all of you.

Be well!
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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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Chocolate Vegan Shakeology
There's a new flavor in town...

I can't even tell you how excited about this I am!

Until the release of Vegan Tropical Strawberry in Feb of this year, I haven't been able to enjoy the benefits of Shakeology without feeling ridiculously ill. To say I'm lactose intolerant is a pretty big understatement. Now that there is a Vegan Chocolate option, I'm pretty sure I might not ever have a bad food day for the rest of my life. (haha j/k)

Have you tried Shakeology yet? Curious? Nervous? Interested? 
What's holding you back?

If you have any questions about Shakeology or are interested in samples, let me know! I'd be happy to talk with you and send you some.

If you've been thinking about it for a while and you're ready to jump right in and make a purchase, I can help with that, too:

Regardless, let's be in touch! I'd love to support you in your health and fitness goals however I can.
It's here, it's here! Chocolate Vegan is available for online purchase! 
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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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Check out the Google Hangout with Ryan Hall today at 5pm EST. More details here:
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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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LA Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon
October 28, 2012.

There was a pretty neat discount being offered on registration for the race yesterday. Totally took advantage of it and signed up to run. Yay!

I've never been interested in running in anything other than my running clothes, but since this race is so close to Halloween, I think I might wear a costume. Why not have fun with it?!

Have you ever run a race in a costume?

#halfmarathon  #la #losangeles #rocknroll #rocknrollhalfmarathon #halloween #october2012 #run #running #race #fun
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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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via +Alexeyeva Smith:
** YAY! **
I am so humbled. 
Thank you +Natalie Villalobos. 

I'm so excited about this circle! Looking forward to all the #WorkoutWednesday posts/updates/pictures/transformation stories/fun that comes with a healthy mind, body, outlook, and soul.

Head over to Natalie's original post and leave a comment if you know of anyone that wants to be added to the circle. The more the merrier.
The Kickin' Fitness Community On G+
food, fitness, and positive body image support

For the past couple of weeks I've been posting every Wednesday for #workoutwednesday  which was inspired by +Alexeyeva Smith and her posts. In tribute to the fitness/workout/feel-better-about-yourself community I'm sharing this circle of folks and Pages who participate in  #workoutwednesday .

Looking forward to seeing more folks contribute to the hashtag community next week! Please let me know in the comments if you, a friend, or a fun Page (brand or otherwise) want to be added to the circle.

#nowthisiscommunity     #fitness   #yoga   #eathealthy  
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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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Mini Strawberry Balsamic Spinach Pizza
You've Never Had Pizza Like This

4 mini whole grain pitas, split
1/2 c. ricotta cheese
1/6 tsp. ground coriander
2 c. fresh baby spinach
12 fresh strawberries, thinly sliced
1/2 c. fresh arugula
1/3 c. pine nuts
2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
4 fresh basil leaves, finely chopped
1/6 tsp. freshly ground white pepper

(Serves 4)

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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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I'm sure you have no trouble attracting men with your intellect, but no matter how smart and beautiful you are guys always melt for a girl who can cook an amazing meal.
Jason Daniels's profile photo
"but no matter how smart and beautiful you are guys always melt for a girl who can cook an amazing meal."
sooo true!
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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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Fruitful news from tart cherry studies

Cherry pie contains the same sort of anti-inflammatory compounds as aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — at least the cherries do. They're tart, or sour, cherries, which, as far as is known, contain more of these anti-inflammatory compounds than any other food, says Dr. Kerry Kuehl, assistant director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.

But tart cherries aren't just loaded with wham-bam anti-inflammatories. They're chockablock with antioxidants. And a 2011 study in the European Journal of Nutrition suggests that drinking tart cherry juice during the day may pay off in better snoozing at night, thanks to high levels of the sleep-regulating antioxidant melatonin.
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Coach Alexeyeva Smith

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Good morning! Happy Saturday!
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To health, wellness, and fitness | Independent Beachbody Coach
Fitness fanatic. Turbo addict.
Veggie/Vegan. Yogi. Walker/Runner. 3L. Daydream believer.

I'm a unique individual with passion and zest for life. Being a law student and fitness fanatic sure keeps me busy - but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a huge fan of anything Turbo, Bikram Yoga, and running 5Ks. I signed up to run my first half marathon in Feb* and I'm excited to cross another thing off my bucket list. I enjoy setting goals and turning dreams into tangible realities. I'm still learning a lot about life - what works, and what doesn't - and I'd love to travel with you on your journeys of discovery as well. I just might be one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people you ever come across. Ever. Life is such a gift! Let's get started living it up to the fullest.

I've discovered my soulmate workouts! Have you?
Let's be in touch to keep each other honest and accountable- especially on those days when working out seems to be really hard.

2012 Race Schedule
Oct  ::  Los Angeles Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon 13.1
Nov  ::  US Half Marathon-San Francisco 13.1
Oct  ::  Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon 13.1
July  ::  HB Locals 4th of July 5K
May  ::  OC Marathon 13.1
April  ::  The Color Run 5K
Feb  ::  Surf City Marathon 13.1
Jan  ::  13.1 LA Marathon Series 5K

* It happened: I ran my first 1/2 marathon on 2.05.2012 in the Surf City Marathon (in Huntington Beach, CA). I never thought I'd be able to do it- but I did! It's quite a grand accomplishment...I feel great!!
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