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Freedom in the palm of your hand.
Freedom in the palm of your hand.

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New prototyping hardware from Silicon Labs, Cypress, TI, and Bosch. Taking away all of the excess eval board hardware, this combination of components allows for a tiny overall footprint. My new goal is a half-size mini PCI-E card.

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Regarding the evolving component selection post a couple of days ago, I'm also looking at the Silicon Labs EFM32HG instead of the ATSAMD21. It's smaller, cheaper, and still meets the requirements. I basically need a glorified UART bridge IC that enumerates as a composite USB device (CDC, HID, possibly more).The Happy Gecko line has a QFN24 for less than $2 in single quantities, which is pretty darn impressive.

Technology has evolved around me while I've been occupied by family and work responsibilities. While the Teensy++ 2.0 is a great workhorse, it's undeniably outdated. Therefore, I have a few new components to study and integrate: Atmel ATSAMD21 MCU, Bosch BNO055 motion sensor, and Cypress CYBLE-224110-00 Bluetooth Low Energy module.

These components simplify the BOM and significantly shrink the package footprints required on the PCB (good news for the controller board). There is a lot of promise here, especially with the BNO055 sensor, which looks fantastic.

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Just published all the new code for Arduino 1.6.5 compatibility. No more hanging on to the old IDE release!

Enabling some optional features (like Bluetooth) is generating more compile issues in IDE v1.6.5. Guess I'm not quite done tweaking yet!

Transition to the latest +Arduino IDE complete! Now I can pick up where I left off in the code. Or hardware. Or both.

Arduino IDE 1.6.5 upgrade is also making me fix warnings in iWRAP, I2Cdev, and MPU6050 libraries. I guess it had to be done sometime.

Woohoo! Successful compile with no warnings or errors in the latest official +Arduino IDE. Still have some things to double-check though.

About to start transitioning to Arduino IDE v1.6.5, now that Teensyduino supports it. Wish me luck! Maybe it will be relatively painless...
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