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12 Most Innovative Ways to Create Content That Gets Shared

Your most important online asset is your content. It attracts clients to you and encourages prospects to take action.

However, creating compelling content that engages your audience and inspires them to share that content with their community can feel elusive.

Whether you're writing for your blog or social media sites, these 12 ideas will help you write innovative and compelling content that gets shared!

Read it here:

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How to add a circle or only parts of it

Click on the "Add people" and it opens a box with all the people in the circle.

You can now delete the people you don't want to add in a shared circle:
When you hover on top of the profile's "cards" there is a x in the top right corner. Click on that to delete. Or if you wish to delete more, hold down the cmd key on Mac, ctrl key on PC and click on the cards you wish to remove: Then choose "Delete" from the top.

The profiles that are left will be added to your chosen or new circle when you click on "Create or add to circles".

You also may click on some "cards" and select only those to be saved in your circle.

Adding people to existing circles:  Start typing a circle name and Google+ will suggest your circles, choose one.  I'd rather you always create a new circle, however.

Read on to learn more about Circles:

#Circles     #Circleshare     #Plushelp  

PS: Just realized that this is an old image: the search inside circle - box has been removed.
Sharing a well curated circle is like sharing sweetness and light... There are lots of lists and suggestions for all interests and you can ask people you know or follow to share their interest circles with you directly, ei...
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James Worley

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If you 
1) Live in Dallas Texas 
2) Use Google+
3) Would like to provide feedback on how Google+ could be improved 
4) Feel free to join me on the second floor of the Magnolia Hotel (1401 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202) at 5pm tomorrow.

I'm interested in your feedback. Thanks, Vic
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James Worley

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Google Increases Intelligence Right Across its Platform

Google Keep, the Google note taking service has been upgraded. It has always had a powerful search facility (and I use it to keep track of content that I use in my Sunday Read write ups) but notice the first upgrade here: Images have become searchable and text in them is readable. 

This means that a quick shot of a conference white board or PowerPoint presentation screen (yes, they still use them, darn it), saved in Keep does not also need a whole lot of text put there to help you find it afterwards. 

There are semantic search implications here too. If Google is reading the text in images and serving them up in search within the contained environment of Google Keep you can bet your bottom dollar it is doing that in search across the web. 

If you're thinking of images to use and you're not sure, remember that now they are not just pretty pictures you use to break up the text. They are a fully-functioning SEO and marketing component. They should, visually tell a story all of their own. 

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James Worley

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YouTube has a new "Content Creation Strategy" guide out, 100 pages to help brands hopefully get more out of YouTube.
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10 Do’s & Don’t’s Of Google+ Communities

"If you’re not using Google+ communities, then you’re missing out on a huge part of what Google+ has to offer.

You should be involved in communities if you:

- Want to connect with other Google Plus-ers who have the same interests as you

- Love learning more about your industry and the people in it
Hope to share your knowledge with a large group of people and grow your thought leadership

- Have questions you’d like to ask an expert in your field, or ideas you’d like to run by others

- Have valuable content (both curated and original) to share with your industry

What? You say that sounds like everybody? You’re right.
Everybody should be getting in on the community action. But first, and in order to be successful, you need to understand how to be a good community participant...

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 do’s and don’ts:"

Learn more at

#Plushelp #Communities #Googleplus
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James Worley

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Resharing Other People's Materials: What You Should and Should Not Do

You are implicitly welcome to use the Google+ Reshare function to reshare any Public posts with anyone you want. That is arguably the highest compliment you can give for a post. Mentioning the person who created the post in your reshare and giving a "hat tip" to a person who might have reshared the copy you saw is not only courteous, but is likely to result in those people interacting on your posts, as well. 

It is never appropriate to copy-and-paste someone else's post into a post of your own without the express permission of the original poster. You might even be violating copyright laws doing so. That is especially true if you copy someone else's pictures -- even if you include a comment crediting the original photographer.
One important note: you should always be careful resharing posts that were shared privately because the originator of the post might consider resharing with the wrong audience a breach of their privacy. If you are not sure, ask the person who created the post before resharing their post with anyone the original post was not shared with.
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James Worley

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New Release
A minor update was performed today, with mostly cosmetics and display improvements. It includes:
- A larger unified chat zone when in a wide browser format and with some of the window configurations,
- The disclaimer for the chat recording is now inside the chat white box,
- Other minor polish of the user interface; can you tell what? :) 
- Formatted email notifications to the host in BHO events mode, when there are posts and the host is not in the room.
And some bug fixes as always.
Hopefully you'll enjoy them.
#businesshangouts   #newrelease  
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James Worley

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Tip of the week: Add managers to your channel

Got multiple people working on a single channel? If your channel is linked to a Google+ Page, you can easily add managers to the channel. Managers can upload videos and make changes. Just click "Add or remove managers" at
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Google #Chrome is one of the most popular browsers over the internet and is used by large number of people across the world. Users who are wish to run cool and simple browser then #Google come is one of the best option for them.
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