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I stand corrected - apparently not just upper class thugs, but also deferential forelock tugging working-class thugs as well... Arrh, Squire looks loike yer boots  are covered in blood agin zurr. We'll soon ave em polished up nicely. Just a soon as oive wet me whistle, zurr...

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a few minutes ago
Basically pit bull owners have to be exceptionally responsible, mature & dedicated to properly handle a pit bull - which is why many people whom are none of these things imagine ownership of a pit bull will confer this status upon them. Unfortunately studies in Ohio indicate that not only are pit bulls 10x more likely to kill you than average, their owners are 10x more likely to have criminal convictions. So although pit bull owners may see themselves as being great people, the evidence is that they are not - on account of the fact that most people who want to own a dog capable of killing a person or another dog are self selecting for social deviance. My patterdale was attacked by an unleashed unmuzzled pit bull which the 16 year old handler had in a childrens playground. I ran with my dog but the pit bull ran us down & I swung my dog on his harness which slipped off.
I have to tell you my Patterdale beat the crap out of it, even though it was 3x his weight & size. He chased it back to the playground & it took me 2 minutes to get him off the pit bull’s ear. Had it been the other way round, my dog’s head would have been inside the pit bull’s jaws
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