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Opinions Are Like...
I was asked my opinion on an issue that a local news outlet
had posted.  The article centered on the
topics of physical accessibility, human dignity, and financial responsibility.
Those subjects were offered in the context of the needs of one student with a...

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A Guy Named Bob
I glanced down at my watch as I waited for my ride and by the time I looked up, Bob was standing in front of me.  Bob had done me a small service that took roughly the amount of time that I’d spent glancing down and making a note of the hour.  By the time I...

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Empty Rooms, Full Hearts
In her bedroom I can still smell the scent of her shampoo; I run my
fingers along the top edge of the Dutch door and remember seeing that little
face laughing out at me in the middle of the night.   At that time I was more emotionally than
physically tired ...

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Praying With One Eye Open
I pray with one eye open at these services, as I fear that I
may miss a significant event such as a tossed toy, a runaway resident, a pinch
and a shove, or even the return of the Lord. 
Any of those have an equal chance of happening if I close both eyes to
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