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Eric Gaden
Travel nurse, itinerent wanderer.
Travel nurse, itinerent wanderer.

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Homeschooling Life Skills: Budget
I wanted to start a series of blog posts for homeschoolers and perhaps even for parents that just want their kids to be prepared for the world when it smacks them upside their face. And it will, we all know this. I polled many of my Facebook people and aske...

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The Plan.
There is an idea. How do we make it real? First, I say we for a reason. I can't do it.  Nothing this big is within the ability of one man. This takes people. But, I can help with a plan. First, the idea needs to get out there. So, copy and paste, tweet, Ins...

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A new party
It has become apparent that the dominant political parties in the United States no longer accurately represent the American people. The fringe elements of both parties have moved further into opposition with each other in a battle to move the center. The pa...

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Still going
Just a bit more slowly. Turns out the frenetic pace of getting the siding done before the rains started and getting the truck fixed before Sarah started yoga teacher training really takes it out of you.  Oh yeah, and winter here sucks about this time of the...

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That was nice.
Enough work.  Time to get outside.  It's been too long.  Tumwater falls and some spring rain.  Enjoy the pictures. But first, our barn cat Smokey dressed in the pelts of her enemies. The water is up a little compared to last time we were here. First long ex...

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Writing and other projects
Any time I have been engaged in a big project, especially a creative one, I have reached a certain point.  At
that point, it feels like I can look back and see the starting line way
closer than I hoped. When I look the other direction, there is neither a

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Lessons learned.
Today I finished putting everything back together after fixing a small coolant leak that was the result of not torquing down a nut well enough.  Oh yeah, and I turned the steering wheel back to normal. It looks like I chose well because I went to the stops ...

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Or her.  The truck is named Flo, so yeah.  The Mortal Kombat joke kind of falls flat.  You can learn how Flo got her name in the new book . I'm getting better at this whole product placement thing. Anyway. I finally finished everything.  I spent yesterday g...

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Serious Progress.
Book link.  Yeah, every time. Man, I got a lot done over the last few days.  I thought the rebuild would be the harder part, but it hasn't been as bad as I thought. When last we spoke, I had just magicked the y-bridge back together.  If you don't believe in...

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A tale of frustration
And no, I'm not talking about book sales.  Yeah, I'm mentioning the book again. I wrote a book, you would mention it too.  Get used to it. I'm talking about working on the truck. Where were we?  Oh yeah, freezing cold, snotty and working on the exhaust mani...
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