Pinterest: 'We Have Doubled The Number Of Male Active Users In The Last Year'

Tonight at the San Francisco headquarters, Pinterest’s head of engineering Michael Lopp shared some demographic figures in a session with journalists before a Pinterest engineering community event.

Here are some new stats from Lopp’s presentation:

♨  Pinterest has doubled the number of male active users in the past year.
♨  men make up one-third of all new Pinterest sign-ups, and that the growth rate for men is higher than for women.
♨  more men use Pinterest in the United State than read Sports Illustrated and GQ combined
♨  there is a 50-50 split among men and women users in emerging markets like India, Korea and Japan

It must be all those +Jeff Sieh's Manly Pinterest Tips that are putting a dent in the man acquisition...

Also, of interest: +Mike Allton has publish this handy Social Media Active Users by Network infographic

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